SIP Clients


  • support linux, android, ios (and sort of windows/mac via awkward GTK ports).
  • actively maintained
  • now supports SRTP and zRTP.

linux (gnome)

Does not support RTP encryption.

You can get a SIP address at


QuteCom is the new name of the WengoPhone project
linux (KDE), osx, windows

Pretty and slick, but does not allow multiple accounts.

linux (KDE)

Seems to be the best performing and have the most features, but confusing as hell.

  • multiple sip registrations
  • multiple incoming lines
  • srtp/zrtp
  • good voice quality
  • a million configuration options

Windows, os X, Linux (All Java supported)

Seems the most portable and easy to install.

  • Audio/video over XMPP-Jingle and SIP
  • Supports a lot of instant messaging protocols
  • Call encryption with SRTP and ZRTP


  • linux, osx, windows
  • multiple sip registrations
  • TLS encryption for signaling and media
  • Video, audio, chat
  • Under development

You can get a SIP address at

x-lite (free for download, eula)

Runs on linux, osx and windows.

SJphone 1.65 (commercial)

Runs on Linux, M$, Mac,
But i’m try only in M$


Runs on Linux only (GNOME,KDE,cli)
provides Signalling and voice encryption (TLS, SRTP)