What is your mail client?


Im use Kmail, this cool client but i can’t encrypt pgp-mail…

Error: Bad passphrase

what about you?


trying to pick a fight, eh? is that why this discussion is tagged ‘holy war’?


yeap, holy war sooo cool))
im used thunderbird maybe about 2 years (before im use M$ and TheBat), but now i like qt and kde :D


exmh represent




2 gdm
do u use graphic interface? (kde, gnome, icevm, etc)




IMP (Horde)


used to have kmail(pretty nice app), but then got sick of kde4, moved to gnome and using icedove ever since. enigmail handles the encryption nicely, no problems there..

must say that kmail was much lighter though, even with a “million” filters on and 2 extra email accounts. i find icedove a bit resource-hungry.
so i might reconsider if i get a nice fully functional graphical alternative. ;-)


use kde4, use cool )


IMP (Horde)


Opera built-in client




thunderbird, duh


IMP (Horde)




the incredible claws-mail




claws-mail I like the fact it’s gplv3 and has a modular approach to plugins, of which there are many


claws, sure. best point: one config for win and linux (live) systems
cone (alpine) on console.












I’m bummed that TorBirdy is no longer being actively maintained, but I hope everyone uses Thunderbird, sets the proxy settings to go over Tor with the Tor Browser Bundle, and uses Riseup’s onion addresses for the mail servers. I do this all while connecting over the Riseupvpn too (love that it’s so easy to install). Hopefully someone publishes a script at some point that settings the timezone to UTC, converts eveyrthing to plain-text, etc and makes the client much safer (which TorBirdy used to do), but at the very least I think connecting over a secure network and using GPG is strong, given the surveillance state is the most common threat we face.