Sudokus for children, much more than a game!

We have to take care of our brain, which reaches an advanced age in perfect condition will depend on our development throughout our lives. Free online Sudoku for children are an ideal cognitive alternative for that intellectual development that we want so much for them.

Choosing practical and fun games is always a good idea that helps them grow and develop their abilities, the game is important for the learning and integral development of children. Sudoku for children are mainly based on stimulating children to enhance mathematics and develop logic.

What is a sudoku game for children?

Online Sudoku is a game that became popular in Japan in the 90s, although it did not reach our homes already in our new century. His players have to fill in boxes with numbers between 1 and 9 with the only rule that no number can be repeated in each row.

It is made up of grids of 9 × 9 cells, a total of 81 cells and divided into 3 × 3 sub-grids, in these grids is where the numbers will be placed. Sudoku for children are much simpler, they are much simpler games where the number of cells will be between 4 × 4 or 6 × 6 cells.

Sudoku tips and tricks for kids

We can find Sudokus of all kinds, online or even in booklets in some kind of bookstore or bazaar. You just have to choose the appropriate one for each skill level of each child. There are also applications for download.

As advice you have to make them value it as a game, in principle you have to be patient as it is the main objective for them to start. As they get practice, their level will go up.

You have to be detailed and orderly, because order is important in the placement of numbers and being a detail person acquires that you are very observant, where you will have to interpret the clues offered by the game itself.

It is preferable that they make the game with a pencil to be able to erase possible errors. They have to do the elimination method, find the possible missing numbers, and remember that they cannot repeat the numbers. After completing the boxes you have to correct any errors.

Sudoku benefits

It is a great learning tool as it develops your reasoning and calculation skills. The fact of doing mental exercises will help them with spatial relationships and use logic. This skill is practiced when they have to fill in the gaps in the rows and columns, choosing the numbers and without repeating them.

It helps them to become much better acquainted with mathematics since there are children who have difficulties with this subject. This way they will feel much more confident and familiar with the numbers. Its use means that patterns, sequences and order of numbers have to be identified and it is a great instrument to develop their learning.

Sudoku varieties

There is a wide variety of this strategy game on the market. As I have already mentioned, we can find from those printed on paper and in the form of booklets in any store guaranteed for sale, to interactive online games.

Applications are a good alternative since children really like to play with new technologies. They exist with different degrees and difficulties and those that offer levels by scales, finding from 1 to 4 or from 1 to 6.

On the other hand, we can find printable files on many of the internet websites. Here I leave you a link so that you can observe the different alternatives of this fun game of strategy and intelligence.

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