EFF Meeting - Organization

When, where, who, what else?

When: 14-16 December

Where: Amsterdam East. A neighbourhood in transition, gentrification and you know the drill. Where the current action’s at in Amsterdam. (But that isn’t promising much, especially in the middle of December!)

Meet-up: Friday 14th from 15.00 hours arrival at Joe’s Garage (Pretoriusstraat 28). From the Central Station take tram 9 and get off at stop Pretoriusstraat. Follow the tram tracks for half a minute and the Pretoriusstraat will be the first street on your right.

Provisional schedule: Friday 14th arrival and meeting at Joe’s Garage (Pretoriusstraat 28) – Saturday 15th meeting at Volkskrantgebouw (Wibautstraat) – Sunday 16th meeting at Joe’s Garages and departure

All food will be vegetarian/vegan. We will probably need to take care of it ourselves most of the time.

Trying to arrange sleeping spaces at people’s houses. Bring warm sleeping bags/mattresses, because it’s freezing (literally).

Please fill in your arrival info below

name arr. time dep. time need bed at someone’s home (no money but might be floor)? need bed at hostel (if you don’t like sleeping on floors)? contact food
marlous 14 morning 16 evening no no xyzcba@gmx.net vegetarian
aileen 14 arr. 12:40 17 dep. 11.20 if it’s easier yes a.derieg at eliot.at no special needs
anna 12 evening 17 morning no no anna at nadir.org no special needs
ruxi 14 afternoon 16 afternoon floor is fine ruxirandria@yahoo.com vegan
Paula 14th around 16:00 16th 11:55 Hey Aileen, shall we try to book the same place? pmgazz@gmail love food

Anything else?

We have 2000€ to spend. Please add all costs here so that we can see how much money we need and discuss what to do in case we need more money than that

Travel Cost

Anna €58
ruxi any reimbursement for dresden-amsterdam trip
Aileen €170
Paula €167

Food and accommodation

Do you want to be responsible for making sure there’s food on the table at one of the three days?

14 December

marlous and friends

15 December

ruxi – i can help coordinate!
paula – i can cook but don’t have facilities in A’dam – if ruxi organises ingredients/equipment I can turn it into a meal
Anna – same as Paula: I’ll help with anything but am afraid of shopping in A’dam ;)

==>there will probably be a kitchen with equipment where we meet. if that meeting place doesn’t happen, we can always cook at my house, which is very near. there’s a street with turkish/moroccon/surinam/etc. grocers around the corner.

16 December

Ideas for fun at night

14 December

Punx, Citex
Locallest squat bar with cheapest bear in the East
opens at: 22:00
price: not specified


Amsterdam Rockpunks, Fuck the Future, Fuck the Future, Fuck the Future, Fuck the Future, Fuck the Future, Fuck the Future, Fuck the Future,

malle pietje en de bimbos
Are you punk or are you drunk?

is an Amsterdam based techno punk band consisting of Bastiaan Bosma and Luuk Bouwman.

civil terror
hardcore punk

karel anker en de joden

online: occii.org
opens at: 20:00
price: 6,-

15 December

w/ MOR W.A. + FU
online: occii.org
opens at: 21:00
price: 6,-

Eat Concrete 15/12/07 RO LEE Eat Concrete
Positive music, mixed in his fresh signature style. Ranging from Sun Ra to Thomas Fehlmann, Ro Lee has a preference for the eccentric and creative. He’s released music for Eat Concrete since EAT001 and has been around as a dj and musician; playing parties and releasing music for many years.

This Amsterdam based rebel dj/producer has dropped some serious music with the Beat Dimensions series together with Jay Scarlett and is a regular behind the decks in many a Amsterdam club. His music is highly inspired by the likes of Madlib, Dilla and Flying Lotus, so expect a tight set of experimental hip hop beats and funky electronics.

SKYMARK Soul Sociedad, Barcelona
With his lively passion for deep soul and funk, Skymark puts musical heritage into practice. He released a solo-project Deep Soul Revisited this year, is a member of the RedBull Music Academy and hosts radioshows and events with the Soul Sociedad crew. He hooked up with EC before on the Twin Earth Atlantic LP EAT005.

Founder of the Eat Concrete label, he’s responsible for some great compilation work and releases, e.g. the Twin Earth Atlantic project. Playing parties for quite some time, his sets vary from all kinds of house beats and electronics to hiphop, soul and funk, always preserving an experimental edge and energetic feel.

Entrance 7 euro


I don’t understand the question about needing a bed at someone’s house or at a hostel – I just need a bed somewhere


Some people like to stay in other people’s houses, some people prefer to stay in hostels. So take your pick and I’ll organise accordingly.


Ok, that makes sense. I prefer a bed to a floor, but I can be flexible.


I booked my return flight for Monday, because it was much cheaper. The second cheapest option would have been Sunday morning, which I thought would cut it too short. It seems insane that the train costs almost twice as much as a flight, though.


Yeah, Eurostar wanted nearly €300 EACH WAY!!!!! Gah!

It’s nice to stay with someone but I’d rather have a bed in a hostel. Can anyone recommend a hostel/hotel nearby? Aileen – if you’re staying in a hostel, it’d be great to be in the same place?