Haenn, Nora and Wilk, Richard. (2005) The Environment in Anthropology A Reader in Ecology, Culture, and Sustainable Living

This collection of readings demonstrates the import-ance of anthropological theory and practice for solving environmental problems. Inmaking selections from a large body of excellent work, we searched for highly read-able articles that touch on the breadth of environmental issues that anthropologistswork on. Our search found that today’s anthropology of the environment is changingrapidly. Anthropologists are deploying new research methods, new interdisciplinarycollaborations, and new theories to make sense of environmental problems andpeople’s responses to them. Given these innovations and the growing size of the liter-ature, no reader can offer more than a sample. The readings we have chosen addresswhat we see as the key environmental questions of the 21st century. These includepopulation growth, economic development and underdevelopment, biodiversityloss, environmental management, the future of indigenous groups, and the link be-tween consumption and globalization. In order to tackle these questions, we offer amix of practical case studies, theoretical debate, and discussion of moral and ethicalissues.
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