Mollett, Sharlene and Faria, Caroline.(2012) Messing with gender in feminist political ecology

Feminist political ecology (fpe) is at a crossroads. Over the last 2 years, feminist political ecologists havebegun to reflect on and debate the strengths of this subfield. In this article, we contribute by pointing tothe limited theorization of race in this body of work. We argue that fpe must theorize a more complexand messier, notion of ‘gender’, one that accounts for race, racialization and racism more explicitly. Build-ing on the work of feminist geography and critical race scholarship, we argue for apostcolonial intersec-tional analysisin fpe – putting this theory to work in an analysis of race, gender and whiteness inHonduras. With this intervention we demonstrate how theorizing race and gender as mutually consti-tuted richly complicates our understanding of the politics of natural resource access and control in theGlobal South.
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