About me

personal manifesto


I declare myself a fully autonomous conscious being acting out of my free will.


I consider myself a resident of planet Earth and have no interest nor willingness to identify myself with any artificial structure as country.


I will live in harmony with the rest of the environment, consider myself an integral part of it and respect all living beings.

free will

I will respect every other person’s free will and never try to impose anything on anyone.

In the case of someone trying to impose something on me, I will simply not interact with such a person.

non violence

I will not use violence towards any other person under any circumstances.

In case of someone else acting violently in my presence, I can still use physical force just to safely restrain the offender. In such case I will always attempt verbal negotiations first and warn what I will do.

I will learn safe, non violent restraining techniques from experienced martial artists.


I will only represent myself and have dialog with other people who represent themselves.

If one doesn’t represent oneself but just some institution, organization or any other artificial structure, I have no interest nor willingness to get into dialog with such person.

One can still represent oneself as a part of some structure, but not the structure itself.


I will NOT participate in money exchange under any circumstances.


I will manage my own identity myself, using globally unique identifier:


I have no interest nor willingness to use any other form of identity.

I will make all my biometric information publicly available, in my open internet profile, once I have it in standardized open format of my choice

open profile

I will cultivate my open internet profile and keep it publicly available at:


I have no interest nor willingness in associating myself with any form of address other than URL of my profile.

In this profile I will provide ways to contact me and I will keep updating it with my current location.


I will only claim ownership over objects that I have created, or other person claimed to own and passed this ownership onto me.

I will keep full list of what I consider my belongings available in my internet profile. Including their source of origin, current location and in case of my ownership ending, detailed description of it’s circumstances.

I will NEVER claim ownership over land, natural resources or any living being.


In case of me taking care of any living being, I will take full responsibility for it.

All living beings, that I take care of, will have their individual public internet profiles accessible from my profile.

no waste

I will completely remove the concept known as waste, trash or garbage from my life and use recycling as the ‘worst case scenario’.

I will keep making effort to stay aware of the whole life cycle of everything I use.

In my internet profile I will publish detailed descriptions of how I disposed anything what I have used.

open solutions

I will use only open standards and open source technologies.

I will make all technologies and solutions that I create publicly available and open source as well.
freely available materials

I will use only freely available materials. I mean by this textual, audio and video materials which everyone already can freely access on the internet or I can make them available in this way.

digital signature

I will authenticate all my public entries with DSA signature.

I will keep my signature’s public key available in my public profile together with full list of all my authenticated entries.

bureaucratic legacy

I make available here digital images of documents issued for me by various bureaucratic institutions.

I simply do NOT recognize the authority of these institutions!

The original documents presented above have already reached their final destination in the appropriate recycling bins!