Trixie's Big Case Chapter 3 Tammie's Debrief

You wanna go first you filthy black cock whore?”, the redhead asked her petite blonde friend.
Trixie’s pussy gushed as she instinctively jerked her head forward onto the head of Captain Timb’s cock. This was the first time she realized he was circumcised but with his size it didnt even matter she was in black cock heaven as she struggled to get her tiny pink lips around his leaking bulbous cockhead.
Captain Daniels looked down at Tammi and asked, “You wanna help your slut sister out?” he implored.
Tammi smiled and joined Trixie’s mouth on his drooling purple cockhead, their pink tongues meeting at his piss hole eagerly lapping at the old black man’s precum as if it was sweet champagne. Tammi moved up the Captains shaft and managed to fit his giant black cockhead in her slutty mouth. Trixie dutifully moved her little pink lips down to the Captains low hanging balls.
Nothing got Trixie’s tiny white pussy wetter than a big pair of hanging black nuts filled with cum…the Captain’s balls were 68 years old and hung down almost as far as his 15 inch black dick! Trixie didnt hestitate to suck on each ball in turn as Tammi made multile futilele attempts to deep throat the Captains legendary ebony fuck stick.