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RatIRL: Exactly What You Required To Find Out About L9

L9 is a name almost everyone has heard in League of Legends. However few people know the history behind it. L9 or Low nine is the troll EUW group that was formed at the hands of 0bsess and RatIRL. Including them there are four main members of this group: very high ELO players, who are now playing in big streamers and professional leagues.

Other members were also outstanding when they were in a solo queue and they made a name themselves in the LOL community. This article will give you additional information on the L9 members, their roles as well as The story of RatIRL.

Sheer Talent and Toxicity define L9 Members

The hugely played and competitive games like League of Legends unite players with different personalities onto a single platform. It shouldn’t be a surprise if there were some players with a bad attitude who judge the other players. Every player has been through this scenario at least once in their life. Certain players in contrast, are able to inspire other players by their talent and superior gameplay. There are a handful of players that fit the L9 members’ personalities. They are both extremely professional and polite at the same. If you decide on a knockout post about League of Legends, check over here.

RatIRL and 0bsess were the only two members of L9 in the beginning. RatIRL became a big fan in the LOL community after people discovered that RatIRL was a professional gamer. This inspired the community in many ways and allowed the players to continue using L9 to enhance their self-esteem. People show their loyalty through using Low9 or L9 in their gamer tags even today.

What started as a joke and trolling made people join their group or hired them for LOL to boost their popularity. L9 would always change clans, as it would fill up with players. A few players would pay for them to join their team. It’s no question that what began as a popular meme has left an indelible mark in the Legends league’s history books.

While there are many more L9 members than listed below, here are few players who are the most prominent in either way.


Trash talking and snarky behavior defined his character at the time. He has since honed his game and is playing for different teams. At the moment the player is part of mousesports and is performing quite good.


The mastermind behind the L9 legacy is the story of RatIRL. At first there was only him and 0bsess duo queuingup, but their queue doubled in no time. RatIRL was a well-known player in LOL boosting before he made his name on Twitch.

RatIRL increased the number of accounts he boosted so quickly that people have accused that he was hacking. This is the ultimate unintentional compliment, as any LOL player can attest. RatIRL was not a hacker, however the bans he received were numerous.


Despite his fame however, he wasn’t the most well-known participant in L9 because he rarely streamed. He would either drink or play in a relaxed and uninteresting way.

Ap0calypse is well-known for being the RatIRL duo with his partner. However, he has also made a name for itself as the most popular Mordekaiser player in the world. It is possible that Ap0calypse also helped L9 with his high ranking.

L9 in the present state

Every story has a happy conclusion. The L9 is no different. According to some reports, players don’t talk to each other anymore. Even the most cherished players, RatIRL and 0bsess seem to have fallen out considering they did not form a join a duo queue for an extended period of time. Selfmademan has a more thorough method to his strategy, which is very logical.

L9 members, despite their personal identities, have provide a model of how positive change can happen for everyone. The players are now part of the League competitive scene, stream platform and set an example for the other players in one way or the other. This also shows how the League of Legends community managed to change itself in recent times.