Cum Medicine 6

Ethan gripped the back of Kristin’s head and pushed her down much harder. Suddenly the head of his cock popped down his tiny sister in law’s throat! Kristin’s eyes went wide in shock. She felt her throat painfully distend with the pressure and nearly had an orgasm at the feeling. She went crossed eyed trying to focus on the remaining 2-3 inches of cock she hadn’t swallowed and pulled hard at Ethan’s hips attempting to consume the rest of his shaft, moving her tongue out desperately along the veiny shaft. She furrowed her brow in concentration and extended her lips along the shaft in a futile attempt to close the gap.
Uuuuggghhhh… Holy… shit! She did it!” Ethan gasped at the sensation. The tip along with the first 1/3 of his cock was being squeezed by the muscles in her throat, and the second 1/3 was being milked by her cheeks, tongue, and lips. He was astounded that she wasn’t giving up. He reached his left hand around her throat and felt how massively distended it was. He gave a slight squeeze and groaned at the resultant pressure on the top third of his cock. It was amazing. He was close to cumming as she suddenly gave up and withdrew suddenly, coughing, sputtering, and gasping for air yet again. Ethan groaned in frustration.
Kristin made a pitiful whining sound and gripped his cock, completely drenched in thick saliva from her throat, smearing it all over her forehead and checks and she caught her breath. She then pressed it into the side of her neck as she turned her head to try and look at Kellie while complaining, “Kellie, I was SO close, he needs to keep pushing hard! Pleeease!! I know I can do it now!”
Kellie gave her little sister’s ass a hard slap, “It isn’t HIS fault HIS cock is so BIG…” “…and YOUR throat is SO SMALL!” “Now get it back DOWN, you FUCKING SLUT!!”, she spanked her hard with each emphasized word.
As Kristin turned her face back to his cock, opening her mouth, she felt Kellie kneel down behind her, beginning to rub her wet pussy. “Oooohhhmph! Glrrghhhh” she began to coo just as Ethan thrust his cock back into her open mouth, bumping deliciously into the back of her throat in one swift motion. She then felt Kellie pry her tiny cunt lips open with both thumbs and bury her tongue into her tiny, wet virgin hole.