Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

The purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to examine the similarities and differences between two or more subjects of the same category. A good compare and contrast essay is the one that not only points out how the subject are similar and different from each other but also creates a meaningful argument. If you are not good at writing, it can be quite intimidating for you to approach an essay of this kind.

There are two types of compare and contrast essay; one where you more focuses on the similarities and the other which contrasts the differences of the chosen subjects. So, depending upon the emphasis, the paper can be more of a contrast essay or a comparison essay.

If you are working on your compare and contrast essay, it is better to go through this article to point out all the mistakes that you need to avoid before you start the actual writing process. These tips will help you in writing perfect essays otherwise you may contact essay writer free online.

  • Starting your essay without a clear idea in mind is the terrible mistake to make. You need to decide what you will focus on either on the similarities or the differences of the items you choose to compare. Only then you can move to the next step of crafting the outline and starting writing your first draft of the essay.
  • Choosing a topic that is widely discussed or too general. It would be very difficult to craft a unique and plagiarism free paper on a topic that has been explored a thousand times before.
  • Choosing two equally good or bad items to be compared is another thing that you need to avoid. If you fail to answer the thesis question of your essay (which item is better and why?, then you will most probably fail to produce an impressive compare and contrast essay.
  • Using charts and tables in your paper. Although it might be easier to show differences and similarities in the form of a chart or the table, this is not an appropriate idea when it comes to essay writing.

Keep in mind these points that to write a paper this is free from such mistakes that can easily ruin your overall effort. If you need help with your compare and contrast essay why not think about contacting essay writing help free to get your essay written by a professional free essay writer to increase the chances of getting the high-quality paper you need.