About Bikerhero

Bikerhero: Riding to the Rescue!

I’d like to outfit a bicycle and trailer with everything necessary to clean up debris blocking bike lanes, fix flats, and generally come to the rescue!

Rescuing a stuck car would be fantastic! (I once rode my bike to help change a car’s flat tire).

The ultimate goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie, in which strangers will help out in the same situation. To this end, we’ll document our adventures, as the plan is to inspire more people than we can actually help on any given day.

Did I mention that dressing up in a cape and helmet would be a great part of this?

I very much enjoy storytelling and spectacle, and don’t mind doing whatever’s necessary to get the job done.

Our Plans

We’ll put together a full Bikerhero Kit™ which will allow us to clean up debris blocking bike lanes, fix flats, and generally come to the rescue!

Buying a domain name and cards to hand out to anyone potentially in need.

A camera or smartphone mount to document the adventures.

We’ll also look into a tandem bike-lane sweeper, in conjunction with the NE Seattle Tool Library. (One rider pedals the bike, one powers the sweeper). At the very least, this will be a great conversation piece!

A little about us

I am an avid biker, father of a 9-year-old, & proponent of cycling as a solution to issues of personal and global scale. I have an ongoing “What Can I Do For You?” Project, which is exactly as the name implies. I am a volunteer at The Bikery, a collective teaching bicycle repair skills, a member of the Seattle Family Biking group, and a leader of the University Neighborhood Greenways — pushing for safe routes to walk and bike. I am also interested in science, comedy and storytelling.

Just call me F.B. Superman