My son, Jack, was born Oct 23, 2005 – making him 10 as of ’015.

He’s amazing, & quite the hell of a change to my usual…

See, I never babysat & had no real idea of what being a parent would be like.

I will say that I’ve learned not to take the easy way out.
I may be able to take the easy way out at the time, but that will only make things harder in the future.

Taking a parenting class really helped me to be a better parent, & a better person.
It helped me realize that I needed to work on me.
I needed to work on my relationship with Jack.
I worked on those things. I’m not perfect, but it’s an ongoing process.

I witness other parents who haven’t taken the time to become a better parent.
You get out what you put in.

I’ll have more on this, but I have some work to do…
I’ve got to take care of …the new one!
Some people never do learn.