Science Faction

About Me: Forrest Baum

I’m an avid science enthusiast, lecture series attendee, and science radio show host. I talk to scientists about what they do, and get them to explain it — in the simplest terms possible — to the public at large. I’ve become dismayed, and lately downright alarmed, at the lack of scientifically-based thinking in public discourse and large-scale decision making. I’d like to turn that around!

The Science Faction Project

Science Faction aims to engage people with science in the everyday. We promote a wider understanding of science, and support for those utilizing a sound scientific basis for their actions. We want people to think of science as a way of looking at everything around them, and a way of learning to act according to what they discover. Although we love lectures and events focused on science, we intend to take science out of its niche and into popular consciousness as the most-helpful way of interacting with the world.

Our Plans

We’d like to discover what people feel is the most important issue that could be better understood through the lens of science.

We’ll start by interviewing scientists about how their work is received, and how they feel a better understanding can be reached.

Next, talking with people of all ages and walks of life to see how they interact with science in their decision-making.

Finally, at a panel discussion on thinking and acting upon science we’ll talk about the next best steps to take!

In The Future

Boy, we’d like to live in The Future! To help us get there, we need to look beyond at the larger picture. Stepping outside of our daily existence is something we can use science to do.

It would be great to provide a way for people to annotate and research claims they hear. Especially in the real-time frenzy of the modern world. We’d like to create a new way to make that recognition and exchange of information possible. Hopefully this can improve civil discourse…

This is open to improvement!

Please send your thoughts.