Vile - Chapter 8 - Dominance

Bird gasped gently, her breath faltering with her body’s trembles at Furore’s tender massage against her reddened mound. The two young women teased and tempted one another with a new found sensuality, their former hostilities all but forgotten, the cause entirely lost in the brunette’s mind; all that mattered now was bliss, and the passion her new family shared with her. Clasping black hair firmly in hand, Bird tugged the slender figure of her lady lover into a heated kiss, the wild girl’s lips returning every ounce of desire in complete obedience to Bird’s dominance. Furore’s fingers parted the petite brunette’s swollen vulva, a single digit slipping along the pink lips of the interior before teasing the clitoris, her mouth sucking in her lover’s gasps without breaking the kiss. A pair of perky breasts pressed against their owner’s rib cage as a wild girl’s own applied pressure, the smooth surface of their flat stomachs fitting together with perfect unity. Soon two fingers dove deep into Bird’s womanhood as two others massaged the exterior mound, the brunette’s own hands exploring the tight curvature of Furore’s ass and giving it a swift smack. The smell of sex filled the air as Bird lost herself in the raven haired girl’s allure, her mind absorbed by the utter bliss she experienced now and had experienced since her arrival; a place once so imposing had now become a place she never wished to live. In all of her memories the brunette who had once been so timid had never experienced wonders like this, her body had never felt so good, and her desires had never been so fulfilled.
S-so Big Guy, uh… this might sound kinda strange b-but… do you remember your name?" The frail man’s stammering voice irritated Ox on an almost subconscious level, “Ain’t nobody been able to that I’ve talked to.” The coward paused for a moment at the large man’s almost dismissive tone, but the silence had been getting to him, “So then… uh… if we’re gonna travel t-together shouldn’t we-…” “Name’s Ox.” This time the dismissal was unmistakable, his tone tone abrupt and almost forceful; some time passed beyond that moment, the two of them walking without a sound, and finally it became too much, “…W-what should we call m-…” Ox stopped, his glare over his shoulder apparent even though his eyes could not be seen, “How ‘bout nothin’? You need to talk to someone you can whisper to yourself… don’t give a shit what name you use to do it.” The frail man gritted his teeth, the scorn now an all too familiar sensation from his past that he could not fully recall; “The hell’s your problem with me!? I kill your mom or som-…” The dark man turned, his broad frame towering over his follower so high it eclipsed him in shadow, “My problem with you? You’re the fuckin’ problem with me!” He began to take heavy steps closer, making the smaller man nervous and steadily backing him down; “First thing you did when we got here was start causin’ problems for people and you ain’t stopped once!” Ox was now looming downward, his masked face inches from his target’s as he puffed hot breath into the frail and now cowering man’s face. Shaking, his scrawny knees buckling and causing him to collapse to the grass, the berated man looked away from Ox in a display of fear and shame at his words; it was unclear if Ox noticed or cared about this, turning his back and beginning to walk away once more without a word further.
Not like I asked for this, O-Ox…" His voice shook with a deep tremble, his eyes only now glancing towards the man on his way to abandon him, “…You’ve never been scared, then?” At that, Ox’s movement halted, his mask turning back only slightly as a sign of vague acknowledgement rather than full attention; a heavy voice had lowered its intensity, now carrying a sense of pity, “Who here you think isn’t scared?” At these words the frail man perked up ever so slightly, rose to his feet, and began to make his way closer to Ox, “…W-what do you… Y-you mean you?” A gruff sigh escaped the towering man’s mask, his tone raising in intensity a single degree, “Everyone was scared, you ain’t the only one. You were the only one who had to make it worse for people.” Shame overtook him at the sudden realization of his former actions towards the group, his eyes staring at the ground as they began to walk, “…I’m n-not great at controlling myself w-when I get scared… Didn’t really mean to be a-…..” Ox’s dismissal rose to attention once again, only this time with a great deal less obvious contempt; “Forget it.”
Silence fell upon the pair as they made their way through the woods, and soon a familiar glow crept into view in the distance; “Finally!” The frail man was thrilled, his stammer exchanged for a short lived relief before Ox stopped his momentarily hastened pace, “Chill. Pretty sure this is it, ain’t completely though.” “W-what do you mean you’re not… Look at it! What else cou-…” Ox, now in an increased state of dominance, boomed over him; “I said chill. That pile we fell in ain’t the only one out there, just came from another one before I found you.” “W-… what!? Another one…? Were there… people?” Ox’s silence spawned a faint chill down the pale man’s spine, as though nothing that could follow could possibly be something he would want to hear. “Like us. Masks, big pile… but they ain’t really like us. Bad vibes.” The two of them continued onward, the smaller of the two staying almost awkwardly close to the larger at the fearful thoughts running through him that they were indeed not alone in this place after all. The illumination of the heap grew ever brighter at their advance, and almost as quickly as the familiar sight of those they had left behind came into view a far more dreaded sensation took control; there they stood, at the base of their own heap, both unable to look away.
Pools of blood soaked the grass at the base of the heap, their dark crimson engulfing three slaughtered bodies stained in their own carnage. Silence hung in the air, the repugnant scent of death burning the pair’s nostrils as they looked upon the remains of those they had left behind; panic immediately took the frail one, “W-we’re… really going to die out here…! I fucking knew it, man!” “Calm the fuck down!” Though his tone was fierce, Ox kept his voice quiet; the scrawny man did not, “…How!? How the fuck am I suppose t-to calm down? Do you see that over there!?” His hand shook uncontrollably as he pointed at the corpses of two elders, the man and woman from before sprawled across the grass, and just above them half consumed by the heap was the young girl who played upon it. “Yeah I see it… that’s why we gotta calm down! We don’t know who or what did this or where they are. You wanna just announce us!?” The frail man paused in a state of shock at Ox’s words, the possibility of the killer lurking nearby surging him with terror and casting him to silence, now horrified to make even the slightest sound. Ox moved towards the bodies, kneeling to examine each one carefully, his touch only brief and only when he felt necessary; he motioned for his partner to come over, but the coward refused, shaking his head in frantic reluctance. Nostrils flared, his muscles tensing with aggression to relieve it from his voice so that he could maintain a near whisper, “Get your ass over here!” Taking a deep breath with an audible gulp, his body shivering, the frail man cautiously made his way over, keeping a careful distance between him and Ox. “See this?” Ox gestured towards the old man’s body, then to the old woman; he specifically pointed out their wounds; the smaller man gasped, trying to maintain a whisper, “…T-they look like something chewed them up…! What could have-…..” He was immediately cut off, “Ain’t teeth marks, asshole… Stabs. A person did this.” As if on cue, the moment Ox finished speaking the dust much higher up the pile began to shift and slide, revealing the form of a man; he was covered in burn scars, and he carried a makeshift spear.