FreeLab Manifesto

Why and for what has FreeLab been created.


  • WE BELIEVE that the current crisis in Europe will be getting worse, dramatically dividing people, the rich from the poor, the privileged from the excluded, the rulers from the ruled ones.
  • WE BELIEVE that the so called ‘middle class’ will retain only a few of its privileges, a vast majority will join the ranks of the excluded.
  • WE BELIEVE that the political class, despite its official claims, is neither willing nor able to reverse the process, but rather amplifies it to protect its own privileges and political survival.


  • Set up a facility to gather, verify and share knowledge and skills needed for free social self-organisation.
  • Focus a on practical, technological approach, including soft skills, while staying away from all conflicts, be it ideological, personal or otherwise.
  • Get involved full time, as a community, in supporting individuals and groups aiming to leave the social decomposition zone, and to adopt a freedom-oriented lifestyle.
  • Co-create an intentional community as a testbed for the solutions we want to research.

Thus, we created FreeLab – The Laboratory of Freedom


  • Share our view of the current situation.
  • Agree, that the best way to cope with the current crisis is to create intentional communities.
  • Can support us with your knowledge, contacts, work, gifts or donations.
  • Want to participate in our workshops or to use the knowledge we gather.


Petros & Klabauterfrau


Consensually consulted & co-edited online: Kruk, Killerboy, Jarosław and #hackerspace-pl & #anarchizm channel communities. Thank You!


Kudos to Killerboy for making my English a bit more civilised and Kruk for making it more political.