An howto to help people willing to test in doing so

What does ‘testing’ means?

Testing means running an instance of freepto and checking if some well defined things happen or not.

These “things” should be clearly specified by developers.

How to test

There are two main ways to run freepto: inside a virtual machine, or booting it from a physical usb pendrive.
Usually virtual machine is easier; sometimes using a physical pendrive is needed. If so, it should be clearly specified by developers

Virtual Machine


If you want to test with virtualbox, you have to download the .vdi image, NOT the .img one.


NOTE: this method is only supportetd on linux

Take the .img and run

kvm -m 512 yourimage.img

Instead of “kvm”, different commands can be needed on different linux distributions


Sometimes persistence is needed to do a test, but most of the times it is not.
If it is NOT required, take the .img and do
dd if=theimagetotest.img of=/dev/sdX

Otherwise, do

bash makefreepto -bri theimagetotest.img /dev/sdX