Youth Earn-A-Bike 2009

Updates on organizing work for those interested in instructing youth classes


Community Human Services Corporation (Oakland Camp)—left a message for Paul Pagoda on 3/18. Left a message on 3/30 and 4/3.

Andrea and Caroline are instructors (with Scott for the first 2)

Women’s Center and Shelter— left a message with the children’s program on 3/18. Spoke with Jess Levick who is really excited about doing the program again. Mentioned wanting to bring some of the kids from last year back as helpers. Also, would like to do the program in one week, possible two. Really flexible. Women’s shelter has a kids camp from June 22-July 31, but all of August is open too. Keep in touch to arrange scheduling.

Jessica and Jill are the instructors

Housing Authority —called 3/18, left a message for Kelly Allen. 4/3 Spoke with Kelly Allen. Does want to do 2 groups, running simultaneously, 2 days each week for 6 weeks. Shooting to schedule for July. Be in touch via email to check on scheduling.

Faison Intermediate trying to email Brian Funk for contacts first on 3/18. Try to go forward with his response next week.

4-02-09 Follow up with Free in the middle of April

Boys and Girls Club
spoke with someone in Lawrenceville who said their programming is full and set for the season. Recommended calling main office of Western PA and speaking with Dave Madjerich. Emailed the info sheet to Dave Madjerich.

received an email from Pat Bluett expressing interest. Called her on 3/30 and gave her some details for the program. She has to consult their budget. 100/child is a little steep for them. I told her our pricing can be flexible/sliding scale and to please get back regardless of funds. told her we could host 10-12 kids for 2 hours for a 6-8 week program.

Neighborhood Kids Classes-spoke briefly with Free and asked him if he could try to set up something through the Y.

Hosanna house / Healthy Black Families—sent an email and left a message. 3/18

Westmoreland Intermediate Unit in New Kensington — emailed Ann Bock on 3/18 from freerideyouthprograms email

Pittsburgh Project
left a random message on someone’s voicemail. There doesn’t seem to be a general voicemail so hopefully my message will be forwarded to the appropriate party also emailed through their directory.
--received a call from Steve Singleton who is very interested in doing more of a service project. Sent him an email with the details.

New Voices Pittsburgh
4-02-09 Sent an email to Becca Z


Braddock Youth Project
3-9-09 emailed Andrea Arrington. They are interested in an EAB program for 40 kids at their site on Friday in July/August
5-27-09 40 bikes delivered to church in Braddock.

Scott and Andrea are instructors for first half
Geoff and Jami are instructors for second half

MGR Foundation Youth Cycling : Positive Spin
3-18-09 left message with Amy Garbark
4-3-09 left message with Amy Garbark
4-18-09 Spoke with Amy. They had to pull the plug due to low participant number. They are going to try to rebuild and work with us in the fall.

Carnegie Science Center’s Mission Discovery program at the Hill House
3-18-09 Left message with Neil Simpson
4-3-09 Spoke with Neil Simpson. They are interested in having a program on site at the Hill House with their middle schoolers. Wednesday mornings are best for them. They have a six week program starting June 24th.

Andrea and Jami are instructors

Student Conservation Association
3-18-09 left message with Kerry Morsek
4-02-09 spoke with Kerry Morsek. They have multiple groups interested in doing projects. Their summer crews are interested in have some 1 day individual classes, like bike deconstructions etc. They have a year round crew that would like to do an EAB class in the 1st or second week of June, and another type of crew that would be doing service project work with afternoon rides, similar to last years program on the week of June 15th-19th.
They also provide funding for internship and were very interested in the Mobile Bike Repair Project
4-16-09 Spoke with Josh Nard about having a crew come for a week in early June. They are definetely interested. Meeting with them on Mon.
5-2-09 Spoke with Crew Leader Brian. The early crew will not be coming for a whole week they will be coming for just June 24th.
5-7-09 Spoke with Kerry Morsek. The June 15th-19th crew is on, but their will only be 6 youth, hence we will only need one instructor
5-24-09 Received email from Kerry. Program is cancelled due to lack of funding.

YWCA Homewood

Urban Youth Action
3-7-09 Presented to 25 9th graders about Mobile Bike Repair Project
3-18-09 left message with Heather Stevens
3-26-09 Presented to 18 11th and 12th graders about Mobile Bike Repair Project
4-9-09 Meeting with Heather Stevens about finances for MBRP
5-25-09 3 youth interviewed. Two 15 year olds from Homewood and one 15 year old from the Hill.

Community Empowerment Association
4-3-09 left message with Lee Davis

City High

Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation

Jewish Community Center
3-18-09 left message with Sarah Glascom. They are interested in running 2 programs with grades 3-5 and 6-8 in the summer
3-23-09 Spoke with Sarah Glascom. They are interested in running a week long program with Middle School kids, ideally in late July. They want to lock in dates asap.
4-02-09 Spoke with Sarah Glascom. Dates are locked in for July 27th-31st . They would like to have the kids come in the mornings but they have them from 9am-3pm and are flexible with the times that week.

Geoff and Andrea are instructors

Imagine Env Charter School
They want to do a Bike Day community event. Possibly June 6th


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