Shop Reorganization

Shop organization:


  • Some parts are stored in incomplete form. Takes 2 hrs to find functional set of cantilever brakes that fit your frame.
  • People can’t figure out which sub-types of different parts go on their bikes (ie., sidepull brakes – but which ones?)
  • Organization system of parts is not clear. Many staffers were unaware of existing organizational systems.
  • No way of knowing if we have an excess or deficiency of given used parts.
  • Tools leave or are broken and are not replaced in a timely fashion
  • Staffers don’t know that we have some tools or parts, or where to find them.
  • No good way to re-use post-bike parts, no place to store them.
  • Top row of bike storage is scary & difficult for many people to access
  • We accumulate frames & they don’t get re-used.
  • We need various signs


  • Be able to maintain sufficient but not excessive supply of commonly used parts
  • Organizational system is clear to users.
  • Efficiently replace tools when they break or are stolen.
  • Better use space. Hanging space, vertical space. Need sturdy, tall ladder.
  • Have FR programs start frames towards re-use, as too few get used right now
  • Creative re-use & recycling of junk parts.



AS far as I can tell these are the things that people might be interested in working on on Sunday… PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THE LIST…or edit and specify what you would like to do on Sunday…Please forgive my miserable attempts at trying to format the page…completely hilarious!


entails cleaning shop, literally going through filing cabinets and recycling junk parts. Getting tires off of the top of the wheel mobile and preparing to make a tire recycling run.


start putting bikes away and sorting through donations…What are we going to do with all of this stuff. Sunday can be a preview as to what a VOLUNTEER NIGHT might look like. People can spend some time breaking down bikes! Evaluate forks and fenders. Organize parts hanging on walls up front (one piece bottom brackets etc. Let’s designate a spot for PARTS GOING TO AFRICA and let’s make it look OFFICIAL!!!


We will be building a place to hang tires on Sunday in the front of the shop. We also need to take apart one table in back and construct some new spaces for tube and tire processing.


BIG and creative project. Who is getting materials? What are you bringing to make signs on? What do you need? Let’s try to have all materials present at the shop on SUNDAY so those folks planning to work on this project can get to it and possibly have some extra volunteer help as needed.

If people designate themselves to certain tasks, I think it is likely that we will get more stuff done in a short amount of time. Please think about what you will need to get your personal projects completed in the afternoon and come prepared!


I would like to work on the following things:

  • Making a calendar to show the classes and what happens each shift. Also some posters explaining what can be expected on Open Shop, Volunteer Night, and Drop in Class times.
  • Jill and I are going to work together to make a guide to bike stripping.
  • Improving the volunteer task whiteboard by adding the list that has been developed on crabgrass.

Where can the calendar go? At one point we had the idea of putting it in front, on the wall behind the bike processing station. Is that where the tire racks are now going? Is there room for both?


Yeah..there should be enough room. The tires are going to be up high… like you’ll need a pole with a hook to grab them or a ladder.