Council minutes, sat 22 feb 2014

Time: 10:00am, Place: Thomas Merton Center


Council: Aryn (notes), Tom*, Will, Ned; members: Mike C.*; community: Sydney, Lizzie. *treasurer-managers


Sydney and Lizzie from the Three Rivers Community Foundation promoted their youth programs, and asked that we:

  1. Put up a sign (someone's done this); and
  2. Recommend any youth we have that may be a good fit. Ned forwarded Sydney's email to staff.

(Ned arrived as TRCF wrapped)


  1. We’ll take Brian Sink off official forms as Treasurer-officer, and replace him with Mike. PASSED; propogates to IRS when we file simple tax return this spring. Ned notified Brian.
  2. Insurance is still being mailed to Rachel Dingfelder (treasurer until spring 2012). This came up last year; apparently no one followed up on it. Ned looking into this.
  3. Proposal of rotating treasurers, maybe keep one in the position and train a new person every six months. Tabled?
  4. How to divide treasurer tasks? (Tom could do more, needs to know what)
    • They agree to keep things pretty much the same: Tom pays bills, while Mike handles petty cash & deposits.
    • Mike aiming to empty the safe twice/month.
  5. Monthly checklist/report to council (refer to position requirements)
    • To avoid duplicate effort, we can use what the accountants are currently receiving — but council wants to see who’s done what.
    • Over & short was a problem last year, let’s see a summary of this as well.
    • Mike to share folder with council & freeride15224 emails. (So any staffer can view? OK.)
  6. Could have more succinct expense codes/use fewer. Many are unnecessary? Mike's working on this...


  1. Tentative meeting tues 11:00am with Mike Gable re: bathrooms, etc. Bit of a tiff between the Mikes, as Cornell missed a staff message due to email trouble (discussed last month), since smoothed over. Ned can attend.
  2. Potential electrician (referral from volunteer Mike Karbowsky): Emerald Electrical, out of Monroeville, licensed to do work in Pittsburgh. Ned to follow up.

(Ned left about 10:45)


  1. We need a committee meeting soon!
    • Mike will make a doodle poll to see when is best for folks who have taught previously.
    • Should discuss pricing and payment options for classes, as well as other details and scheduling. Need someone to start agenda...
  2. Earn-A-Bike
    • Will brought up revising the EAB requirements: Action item is to bring a proposal to discuss at the next meeting.


  1. Describe more manager roles!
    • E.g. Volunteer Promoter: Schedule trainings & orientations; ensure scheduled shifts are filled for the month. Aryn for march?
    • Action item: Will to create brainstorming list as a google doc
  2. Do we have a document started keeping track of our volunteers? (Who’s where, special skills, truck, etc.) Aryn followed up with Ned; see comment below.
  3. Council applications
    • April applications are due soon. Action item: Will to update the application and send it out/print and bring to the shop.

Next meetings:

March 22 10am Dunkin Donuts in Oakland -- someone's got this one on the staff calendar; need to test for quorum and then publicize...
April 19 10am at shop? Someone should tentatively add these to staff cal?
May 17 10am at shop?


About volunteer tracking: Over the last move, figuring out who should get access got complicated (old/new keys, etc.) So I pushed our crabgrass table to a Google spreadsheet. It worked well for a staffing audit this past summer. (Please ignore the rotting dates.)

Hopefully all current staffers have access now. My old professor would probably describe this as “spaghetti” — I’m trying to do too much with one thing. Hover to read the notes/comments. I do have a bigger project in the works; details are elsewhere.