2015 october meeting agenda

Can’t find a more formal agenda, so here’s the email announcement:

Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2015 03:12:28 -0400
Subject: Meeting soon
From: Ned Schmidgal
To: Free Ride Volunteers

Greetings volunteers,

It’s late, but according to my best guess, we’ve missed a general
announcement about the next council meeting, tomorrow at the shop,
10:00am sharp! Bring coffee beans, there may be cold pizza.

What’s going on? Well, some folks went to Bike! Bike! (a conference for
shops like us all over) and brought back some ideas. Also, not
everything is going smoothly, and maybe people will have ideas about

As usual, youth have been difficult to manage… I hear there’s good news, here!

Some more folks have applied to run this place (aka get blamed for it all)…

Less than seven hours is pretty poor advance notice for a meeting; I’m
nominating Will to follow up & invite yinz to our next one, which our
calendar says could be sat 21 nov 9:00am (that’s an hour early),
possibly in the shop, with no heat :) We have yet to set the december
meeting, but have been ballparking 3rd weekend of the month recently.