Notes from the Winter Biking skills workshop

Winter biking gear

  • Double layer hands with work-gloves
  • Use overmits as a layer
  • Jackets with pit-zips are super nice
  • Milk jugs attached to handlebars can block the wind and keep hands from getting numb
  • Pedal toe clips with no straps
  • BMX platform pedals with studs
    • Bike wearing boots to keep the feet warm
  • Protect lungs from dry, cold air (Damaging over time)
  • Have a space blanket in case you get stranded outside
  • keep in mind to “dress like you are going camping”

Bike maintenance

  • Add a layer of grease to the chain after clean application of “wet” lube
  • Chainsaw oil for the winter
    • Don’t need to worry about collecting grime as much as keeping a layer of protection from salt
    • Its cheap and super sticky

Riding technique

  • Practice falling into snow banks
  • Practice going into and out of snow banks

Events to get other people into winter biking

  • Sewing party to add reflective tape to clothing and gear
  • Ice bike races
    • Ice polo
  • Advocate clean windshield laws!
  • Hot chocolate day