February 17th Meeting Agenda

Tentative Agenda for Feb meeting

- How to run a meeting
- Attendance and # of council present
- Finances

Active Issues

-Angela has a plan to propose
-would like this to be first on the agenda because some interested volunteers may be coming in and I don’t want to trap them for 2 hours

- Robbery
– Do we need a new door?
– Ideal location for cash?
– ? camera evidence
– Staff members were expected to do things after this event, but as far as I know, this wasn’t previously communicated to them/us. Is there a procedure in place or an understanding OF what’s expected of staffers going forward? – PJ

- Tires
– Concern raised over whether 1800GOTJUNK actually sustainably recycles tires
-trust them and continue using them?
-use them till someone makes proposal to switch to another regular, specific person/service
– Similarly, there was a call recently to instruct people to leave tires on bikes/wheels being scrapped. Are the tires just being melted with the metal, if so, is FreeRide cool with that? – PJ

- Art
– Scott K is an accomplished artist and has numerous ideas for the front of our shop
– Delegate art-related responsibilities to him and allow him full creative license?_
– If not, at which junctures of this project would we want updates?

- Projects
– There are numerous ongoing projects at Free Ride, and council being out of the loop has led to disagreements over their execution
– Is everyone amenable to using Scott K’s smartphone/web-based project manager to ameliorate this?
– Related to the last point, Ned has repeatedly raised concerns about how the freeride staff list is used, but doesn’t want to moderate it. I would like to hear how people feel about how we’re communicating – PJ
– If not, does anyone have solutions other than “intheloop” for keeping everyone in the loop?
– Would like an update on the bike rack situation. – PJ
– Bikes for charity
– There is currently a surplus of bicycles and a surplus of unused hooks on the back wall and the wooden shelving unit
– Should we fix bikes up for charities, store them on those specific hooks, and have charities come to pick them up?
-Propose: start assigning specific ppl specific jobs to get shit done

- Calendar
– The shop was closed on Saturday (6 Feb) and people were turned away without warning
– How can this be avoided in the future? Discuss

– New Volunteers, new names/people
– Who’s available, who’s unavailable
– Who’s shadowing, who’s up for keys

-funding, when, planning

-Venture Outdoors Fair – May
-Kiwani Kid Safety Fair – May (need answer by March)

-can I sign us up or find out more about it then propose it again next time?