• BikeBike Summary
  • 501c3 Update
  • Subcommittee Updates
  • lease update
  • preliminary discussion exploring idea of volunteer youth EAB mentorship. (? if people are interested ? OR setting a date & time for the next programming committee meeting where we can decide on a proposal for altering Free Ride’s programming to be more youth friendly.)
  • G20 climate camp – free ride presence? (a sort of sustainability fair is being organized…free ride could have a table or workshop or something)
  • For-Profit Policy
    • Proposal from Adam Wolfson (See attached)
  • Where did the “old heads” go?

Sub Committee Report Backs


  • Positive spin, looking for instructors (2 Tuesdays/month for 6 months)
  • MBRP:
    • Good high profile events
    • Worked on fix for sales to offset costs
    • May get interns year round (possibility)
    • Would work better in the future if the program was spread out over more weeks
    • People don’t actually thing their bicycle is broken!
    • Can get good ideas from the program run by “Community Cycles”
      • Look into doing site-specific publicity each week
  • Extend drop-in classes?
    • Have classes some other night?
    • Look at class attendance stats to help make decision?
  • Classes (Drop-in)
    • Always have had at least one person, sometimes they fill completely => Large range of attendance
    • Many people have been volunteering for the class fee
    • 7:30 class seems to have more attendance
  • There is interest in looking into long-term relationship with the Women’s shelter

Finance Committee

  • Plan to meet with Kitty and discuss a report on all finances
  • Rachel feels good with the treasurer role. Amazing job so far!


  • Rolled out a new tag system
  • New forms (Fix for sale, library bike)
  • Bulletin board w/ photos and other improvements
    • Esp. done EAB
  • Old forms?
    • Remove antiquated forms: cross them out and turn them into scrap paper
    • Can departed EAB/etc. forms be recycled once basic #’s are recorded?
  • Computer
    • G-tech to share Internet
      • Will is going to contact them
    • Call consolidated about commercial DSL?
      • Rachel is on that
  • Voice mail pwd has been recovered and is going to be shared w/ the group


  • Shannon is willing to work w/ us & is going to take a look over it (along w/ our comments and suggestions) after the big pour
  • Send edited comments to CJ
    • Will is going to do this


  • Duq. is working on it, interesting process
  • $600-$1000 local state and federal legal fees for filing
    • Council is OK with proposals

G20 Topics

  • Medic training:
    • Suggest that Free Ride is not the best place, but as a last resort it may be used. Outdoor training can not take place in the parking lot and should instead be done at nearby Westinghouse Park.
  • Sustainability Fair
    • Sep 20-25, some interest in Free Ride presence. Interested people will coordinate
  • Bike build: OK w/ staff to bottom-line building and taking of Huffy bikes

Library Bikes

  • May want variable priced deposits to reflect bike quality
  • Cheap bikes can be made into library bikes for $20.00 deposit if they are safe
    • Council agrees
  • Store cash in the pink envelope. Use the ad hoc system for now.
  • Consider putting “Property of Free Ride” onto library bikes, not necessary howver

Old Heads

  • Note: This conversation was hard to follow so I just jotted down a few points**
  • We recognize that good people are now gone
  • Tons of open questions
    • Why are people not back from the 2008-2009 winter?
    • Engage PGH people to get back involved?
      • Surveys
      • Invite people to anonymously comment & give feedback
    • What else do people think
  • Winter stuff
    • Retreat for the winter?
    • Reflect on FR overall focus?
    • Programming during winter? Opein in the winter?

For Profit


  • What’s the social benefit?
    • How does this help Africa?
    • Will people in Ghana benefit?
  • More details on the bike resale?
  • We may want to instill a max profit margin
    • What is his expected profit margin?
  • What is Adam’s connection to Ghana?
  • Who are the entrepreneurs and mechanics?
  • Is the tax stuff legit?
  • Ask for concrete information about where the bikes go/end up
    • Advise him to keep track of the first batch of free bikes so that he can better answer this question for future bikes
    • Let us know how Free Ride has affected the local community
  • Promised some bike before the policy
    • See policy for future bikes/parts


  • Bike purchase: Anyone can use volunteer hours to buy a bicycle or frame on the spot if they use hours that have already been logged.
    • Passed
  • Pay legal filing fees for the 501c3 status?
    • Yes
  • For profit policy as worded in Caroline’s most recent revision?
    • Pass


Programming Committee

  • Proposal for next meeting on extending drop-in classes
  • How many youth students during the summer?


  • Get more stickers
  • Get photos to Rachel for the Bulletin Board
  • Pursue Internet options
  • Send out voice-mail info


  • Send lease w/ edited comments to CJ


  • Need to get more stickers
  • Make a new screen
    • Morgan volunteered for this action
  • Reminder: take photos of people with EAB projects

For Profit

  • Post the policy on the web & wherever appropriate
  • Let Adam know he can get the few bikes we set aside & that the new policy is in place for any further collaboration he may have with Free Ride

I added the last two topics.


Notes are posted. Feel free to comment, edit or add.