freedombox user applications

Purpose is to sum up applications useful for the freedombox.But not the network or geek stuff, more the applications users might use.

Applications which might be useful for the freedombox users
(users means the ones who use it, not tech-savy and comfortable with networking and other problems. It is user as opposed to developers. Else the word user is misleading, and should be avoided, imho. Yield for the hands on imperative, have at it).
Useful for others too, sure.

Some things to keep in mind, i will make short notes, as far i know it:
- decentralized
- already packaged in Debian
- not from contrib or non-free, and no: no means no. no further discussion of the matter
- user-friendly, easy, aka: kiss (keep it small and simple)
- as low on resources as possible (important for me, nadir)

A lot is already listed here:
debconf-video about the freedombox (intro, so to speak):

A general overview of the social-web:
which includes decentralized social networks.

Most will be packaged for Debian i386.
I am not sure about being de-centralized and other needs.
It will need to be edited accordingly.

social networking
- Gnu Social ### not de-centralized can be self-hosted (statusnet)
- for example ### but that would not be de-centralized
- ### same problem
- freenet
- crabgrass ### not packaged
- I2P ### not packaged
- identica ### not de-centralized can be self-hosted (statusnet)
- diaspora ### not de-centralized can be self-hosted see below.
- friendika ### not de-centralized can be self-hosted.
- guifi ### de-centralized ###

- torchat ### ###
- hinezumi ###

- owncloud
- buddycloud
- tonido
- retroshare
- citadele # kinda organizer, notes, calendar, etc, packaged for debian !
- luckybackup
- deja-dup
- backup-manager #cli, in perl
- partimage, partclone
- rsync, rsnapshot or grsync do a good job, perhaps as a cron-job.
- backupninja ###said to be a meta-backup system, done via drag&drop to /etc/backup.d

- tor/polipo, or tor/privoxy, perhaps with vidalia
- seahorse/kwallet/gpa
- monkeysphere
- cryptsetup
- tomb ###

- git ### own server is anyting but easy, isn’t it?
- sparkleshare ### only in experimental (july 2011), depends on Mono !
- pastebinit ### not de-centralized, but for showing code, ok
(otoh, why not do /var/www/share, for tmp file sharing of txt files?)
- etherpad ### not de-centralized can be self-hosted
- sobby # decentraliced, client is gobby
- infinoted (current sobby) , client is gobby-infininote
- eyeos ### not de-centralized can be self-hosted

- apache
- lighttpd
- nginx
- and so on, and so on

- kompozer #anything but easy :-)
- webgen
- geneweb ### yes?
- open/libre office has got a plugin ### resulting code is strange.

- gallery
- libapache-gallery-perl
- llgal
- mediagoblin #as far i know not even released yet:
- wordpress ### lots of dependencies, mysql, php, et al.
- blosxom ### nice on resources, but not much maintained anymor (?), hence:
- pyblosxom
- serendinity
- mahara ### not sure what exactly it does. does not seem de-centralised

- librefm ### not decentralised, or is it?
- vagalume ### player for librefm
- zomg ### cli-player for librefm
- ampache
- mpd
- xmms2 ### i could not figure out how
- forked-daapd ### not sure

- #at least not youtube

- drupal
- puppet ### → Centralized configuration management

- yaci ### not packaged, very heavy on resources
- duckduckgo ### simple plugin for iceweasel
- lxquick ### simple plugin for iceweasel
- surfraw

- scuttle

misc and notes
- ojs
- blazeblogger
- kind of a wiki is missing, moin-moin? ikiwiki? tiddlywiki?
- nicotine

general overview with lots of links


For me, now and here, i have decided to use the following apps:
apache/mysql/php server
wordpress for blogging and notes
scuttle for bookmarking
wordpress for gallery
git hosted at the server
ampache for streaming
gnunet (it is in the Debian repos, once that works, i can look at other Peer-to-Peer solutions).

Not sure bout the editor, vim seems fine to me , but a more easy one, for non-vimmers, would be good.
Searchengine is hard (yacy is heavy on resources, seeks/grub i did not test yet)
Not sure about the wiki (something to work in a team at documents)

Those few should keep me busy for a while.


The venerable nano as an editor for new users


nano might be good, but zim or gwrite speak a wee bit of html.
they also make http-links on the fly, and other funny stuff.
as far i understand the main approach of the freedombox will be web-based,
so i guess that problem is sorted anyway (editor will be the web-interface of, say, wordpress)

that said: sure, nano is it.


I thought StatusNet/GNU Social was decentralized because it can be federated and connected to other self-hosted networks. Are you using some other definition of decentralized?

I would include FreeNet in this list as well.


Freenet is there. I suppose we’ve been using the term not decentralised as in the widest used default incarnation. Then adding can be self hosted. Of course you are right it is the federated part that makes the difference, all free software can be self hosted.

Oh and welcome back :) are you still running Blag?


omouse, i plaid a wee bit with freenet, but did not really get it.
the last week i tried i2p, which has a plugin/port for freenet, but i have the same problem (i don’t really get it).
You got some tips? links? stuff like that?
might be worth to keep an eye on (blogs and such)


i started to test:
Some projects.




As fas as I can make out a portal for messaging see:

“Imagine smartly multicast chat and conferencing, non-proprietary instant messaging, decentralized Social Networking and data sharing. And now imagine all of this rolled into one. PSYC is an open source protocol and technology, bringing the useful and amazing aspects of several technologies, some of which have been proprietary too long, together. "


wait, i know that and already used it! mhhh… riseup lets you use it? oh my, confusion, too much new apps.
But thanks. :-)


This weekend, I found out that a long time ago, Nicotine+ forked into Museek (the daemon) and Museeq (the Qt GUI). AKA µseek | There’s also a SoulseekQT now, but there isn’t a Debian package yet.


handheldcar, what exactly you do with django ?
(in case i recall it correct that you spoke about django)


Right now, I think about installing it :P
Unfortunately, I can barely find time to read about HTML5 let alone Python or dabble in Django.
Django is a helpful way of using Python for webpages and Web databases instead of PHP.
Django’s approach is much more secure whereas PHP is highly susceptible to SQL poisoning for example.


ah, i see (i think …).


seems like mediagoblin added video-support


yacy is a big mess…


I tried owncloud, good.
I had a look at tonido, seems good too (and very easy) If i understand correct it is PHP-license, and, again if i am correct, it is a free license, according to FSF, but not copyleft.
If it is a good idea to install a buntu-deb is always a good question, and one which is beyond me. A user at said to use it, but they say a lot if the day is long enough.
don’t understand it yet. Sounds good.