scuttle is a social bookmarking application, similar to

To install scuttle on a Debian Gnu/Linux system you have to:

1) install mysql

apt-get install mysql-server

during that set the mysql-roots passwords

2) install scuttle

apt-get install scuttle

during that you will be asked “Configure database with dbconfig-common?”
Yes, and set the password for scuttles database
(enter the mysql’s root password to gain access to mysql, then set the scuttle-database password in the usual manner)

3) link it

 ln -s /usr/share/scuttle /var/www

and open it in iceweasel:
register with a username and password and you are done.

(you might prefer:
mkdir /var/www/content
ln -s /usr/share/scuttle /var/www/content )