In the Sandbox - Part II

I have not been with a young boy or any boy now under the age of 21 in over 20 years now. I will always like to see or imagine myself being a boy and being with a boy. That’s just a reality I “choose” to live with. I hope you enjoy reading these true stories from my childhood they are the memories I will never forget.
On with: In the sandbox – Part II
I got home from school the next day all excited to see Ronald again. As I waited for him to come down the street, in his Convere All Star Sneakers and jeans, I could see him in my mind smiling as I replayed the events that led up to our friendship yesterday. I thought to myelf:
I wonder if I am taking advantage of this young boy from across the street. Maybe I should back off and give him some time and room to think if this is what he wants. "I know it is what I want “I said to myelf scanning the end of the block impatiently waiting to hear his little voice and watch him as he puts his eyes on me so I can tell if he like me or if he has decided to leave this alone and just forget it ever happen. I thought about how good it felt when I put my lips on his little hard dick and how he smiled at me enjoying the feeling of it.
I wondered if he had ever had his dick sucked before by his brother who was his age or if someone else sucked his dick before me. I never sucked on another boys dick before except for Raymond’s and his was like mine a lot bigger then Ronalds, and I was amazed that I liked Ronald little dick. I thought it would turn me off but it didn’t and it actually was quite good although it only lasted for a few minutes. I wanted to get a better look at Ronald’s dick and balls and see what a little boys butt looked like.”