The Urine Separating Bucket Toilet

Description of the mobile toilet for use at protests.


The idea is to provide temporary toilet facilities in locations without plumbing etc. The toilets need to be portable and quick to set up. To aid disposal, the toilet aims to keep piss and shit separated. Ideally it would mostly be used for piss and be located so that the piss can go directly down a nearby drain. If necessary, urine can be stored in 5 litre water bottles and poured down a drain when appropriate. The bags of shit can be removed, double bagged either simply placed in a convenient bin or taken somewhere to compost.


Basically this is a toilet seat attached to a folding stool which sits over a bucket. The bucket is lined with a plastic bag to catch the poo. Meanwhile a funnel is fitted toward the front of the device to catch the piss which is then directed down a pipe either into a storage container or into a nearby drain.

Production costs are low, mostly using found material.

  • Toilet Seat (from skip)
  • Modified folding seat (from skip)
  • Bucket with Lid (empty 10 litre paint bucket)
  • Funnel (can make by cutting up large plastic bottle)
  • Hose (from dumped washing machine)
  • Cable ties / bolts / screws etc

Structure / Cover

For the sake of privacy / modesty, the toilet is placed inside a canopy. This could be as simple as a banner being held up by friends or a curtain attached to a hola-hoop and held aloft.

The toilet that has been already been built has a canopy which is supported by a lamp post. It consists of canvas from a canvas wardrobe. A rectangular frame has been made to support the top – it was made from lightweight metal poles previously part of a cheap gazebo. This is then hung from an L shaped metal pole which is attached to a lamp post using stretched bicycle inner tubes. It takes less than a minute to set up.


Essential accessories / consumables include suitable bag liners, toilet paper and alcohol hand wash. Roughly speaking, four toilet rolls cost £1 and the hand wash likewise. Typical free carrier bags found in supermarkets may be too small for the bucket and often have little holes punched into them. A roll of cheap bin liner bags probable cost about £1.

Setting up guide

  1. Suitable location is found, ideally a lamp post next to drain.
  2. L shaped bracket is attached to post using inner tube, placed just above head height.
  3. The canvas canopy is hung below the bracket.
  4. Bucket is place on ground inside the canopy, lid removed.
  5. Plastic bag is inserted and folded over the lip then secured.
  6. Toilet seat is unfolded and placed over bucket.
  7. Funnel piece is positioned and secured
  8. Hose is placed so as to discharge into drain or into storage bottle.
  9. Instruction for use, toilet roll and hand-wash put in place.

Instructions for use

  1. All users must use the toilet sitting down – it is not suitable for standing piss.
  2. Care must be taken not to block the urine section with used toilet roll which should be discarded into the rear of the toilet.
  3. Users should wash their hands with the provided alcohol hand gel after using the facilities.

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