Equity Team Meeting 2/27

Equity Team Meeting 2/27/15

Check-in –

What are we doing together?:
Kate: Intertwine helped us bring structure and scheduling. 1-4 people for 3 hours per month and for some of those people do 3 hours of homework in the organization for 8 months. TLC farm CM joint committee. Finding tools to do an assessment of the organizations. How racisim comes up and works? Things we can do to make it more accessible for non-white folks. Make a presentation to the community and make change recommendations. Meet on the last Friday of each month.

Are we just focusing on race? Yes, and that will help inform our other equity needs.

Brush: What is the Framework in which we are seeing this? Tension between two different poles. On one hand there is colonialism and assimilation being the main focus vs. making space for some groups partially assimilated to further de-assimilate and assimilated groups also. How do we shift something that is clearly the result of racism and colonialism where white people make all the decisions to something that is actually in service of marginalized people? How do we help white people understand their decolonization work and ending racim?

Kate: get information from the Ayorda collective

Brush: group of white anti-racists – tasked to figure out a positive white anti-racist identity. Homework for next session for us to gather information. Current accessibility of the farm used to be more so. We stepped back in order to assess what we can do. The danger is infrastructure feel away and only the bare nessesities are being done. Why do we do that stuff anyway? Positive outcome is we could re-initiate. If the equity commity took on making signage. Exemplifying decolonization, native peoples. Talk about community, permaculture from the lenz.

Giles: Buy in from the community?

Kate: Talking to CM and TLC asking hey y’all are you cool with us doing this work?

Brush: provide a structure and support about what it means to be stewards of the land. Be especially oriented towards being a place for this work around understand our relationship to the work as native people or settlers. By moving here you are choosing to do things differently and participate in a radical project in understand land access.

Spell: More clarity between relationship between cm and TLC farm. Create a living doc about what it means to be a cedermoony. This weekend introducing these topics and get. Intstill a radical reframing of what it means to live live here with out overwhelming people. Lots of radical reframing already and it includes if we can consence to adding an hour a week towards tlc farm. Keep a balance of pushing ourselves and pushing each other and gentleness.

Vision And Retreat
Addition to the vision:
We commit to broadening our feminist a not-oppression analysis and challage each other to grow in our view and understanding of oppression and how it works. Defined feminism. The world is complicated and there are lots of different ways to look at things.
Vision – Mission – Goals – Agreements – Commitments, along side the vision that people sign and agree to –

For who ever to introduce the vision to

Went over intertwine document on organizational assessment

March 13th 11-12:30
March 27th 11-12:30

Research other groups doing this work or other resources.
Other things from intentional communities
Tools for creating more equitable organizations more radical organizational assessment
Post Crabgrass – maybe subcommittee
Open door for others to participate