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Family Dollar Giving Back

Overview of Family Dollar Corporate Giving Policy

Today, Family Dollar serves families in more than 6,600 neighborhoods in 44 states. We are committed to the communities we serve, not only by offering quality merchandise at low prices, but also by supporting the non-profit organizations that seek to improve the quality of life of our customers and Team Members.

To maximize the impact of our charitable contributions, Family Dollar’s corporate giving program currently is focused exclusively upon programs whose purpose is to provide the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing and shelter, to low-income and low-middle income families, including senior citizens, minorities and at-risk youth, primarily in neighborhoods where the Company operates.

Contribution Criteria

To be eligible to receive a contribution from Family Dollar, the requesting organization must be designated a 501©3 non-profit organization by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Generally, the purpose of the organization, event or program must be to provide goods or services for low-income and low-middle income persons in need, and the organization, event or program must benefit persons or communities served by Family Dollar stores.
General Limitations and Exclusions

We believe our contributions should be consistent with both our commitment to our communities and our commitment to our shareholders. Consequently, our budget for charitable contributions is reallocated each fiscal year and will be reviewed quarterly against the Company’s financial performance. While we encourage organizations to submit a request based on their needs, our typical grant is $250 or less. This enables us to maximize our support of local programs in the neighborhoods in which we operate.

To maximize the impact of our charitable giving within our budgetary limits, we will limit our contributions to one grant per organization per fiscal year (September – August), and we will not provide repetitive annual grants or continuing support for organizations or programs. We will review requests from organizations that have received previous support from Family Dollar as new requests and will evaluate the request in relation to other submitted proposals and budgetary considerations.

Our contribution efforts will be focused in the neighborhoods in which we operate. Consequently, Family Dollar will limit our support of national social service organizations, such as the United Way, to chapters within the Charlotte, NC, area and to chapters that operate in areas supported by one of our nine distribution centers.

No support will be extended to religious activities or programs that serve, or appear to serve, specific religious groups or denominations. However, if a proposal submitted by a church-based or similar organization falls clearly within program guidelines and is intended to serve a broad segment of the community as the program of a comparable non-religious organization, we will consider the request on the same basis as other requests.

While Family Dollar believes in the value of all charitable endeavors, generally our contributions program will not provide funds for:

  • Ads in programs, yearbooks or other fundraising vehicles;
  • Benefits for individuals or individual families;
  • Organizations in states or countries not served by Family Dollar;
  • Conferences, seminars, or gala fundraisers.

We work hard to provide customers with low-priced, quality merchandise. Consequently, Family Dollar will not offer additional discounts on our merchandise.


No telephoned, faxed, mailed or emailed requests will be considered. To submit a request for consideration, please use our online form:

Due to the volume of requests for donations and sponsorships received, we are unable to respond personally to telephoned, faxed, mailed and emailed inquiries regarding the status of requests. All requests will receive a written response generally within 6-8 weeks of the initial application.


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