Strauss Foundation


  • Deadline: January 27, 2011
  • 2005 award to GIIP intern, Kara Deyhle

Donald A. Strauss Foundation Scholarship

The award provides a $10,000 scholarship to juniors who will pursue a self-initiated public service project during their senior year. The project may be a new undertaking or an extension of an existing project.

The public service project proposal is a major focus of the selection process. The project must be realistic in scope, and the foundation prefers projects that are designed to continue after initial implementation. Selectors look for candidates who are passionate about their project and who have a demonstrated interest in public service, outstanding leadership potential, effective communication skills, and who “wish to make a difference” in local, regional, or national communities.

Eligible students:

  • must have one-year remaining until graduation.
  • are in the top 1/3 of his/her class.
  • must have demonstrated an interest in public service.
  • must have outstanding leadership potential.
  • can demonstrate effective communication skills.

The Foundation defines public service as work, whether paid or as a volunteer, in government at any level; in organizations serving the public interest; in national, regional or local health organizations; and in service-oriented non-profit organizations such as those whose primary purposes are to help disadvantaged persons or protect the environment. Fields of study which can lead to public service include (but are not limited to) the sciences, both biological and physical, engineering, agriculture, environmental management, economics, political science and the other social sciences, English, history and the other liberal arts and humanities, public health, public administration, government and education.

Additional information about the award and the application is available at Completed applications are due for campus review by January 28, 2010 to the Office of Undergraduate Honors and Awards/Chancellor’s Office, 200 Kerr Hall.

Please contact Marlene Robinson,, with any questions.
The scholarship provides support to carry out a public service project. The website at provides complete information.

Recent UCSC recipients are:
2008 – Lillian Wilson, College Eight, Community Studies
2007 – Ariel Tenenbaum, College Eight, Plant Science
2007 – Justin Wiley, Porter College, Environmental Studies/Sociology
2006 – Saurabh Mishra, Merrill College, Economics