Verizon Foundation


  • accepts online applications Jan 1- Oct 31
  • grant average $5,000- 10,000

Verizon Foundation Funding Goals and Partnership Guidelines

The Verizon Foundation is in the business of improving lives in literacy, knowledge and a readiness for the 21st Century.

Specifically, we help people to:

  • Increase their literacy and educational achievement
  • Avoid being an abuser or a victim of domestic violence
  • Achieve and sustain their health and safety

Eligible organizations seeking grants from the Verizon Foundation must be prepared to track and report program outcomes as well as specific results that demonstrate measurable human impact. In the grant application, organizations must indicate what outcomes are targeted through programming and what results, as specified on the grant application, the organization will measure.
Defining Program Results

The Verizon Foundation targets our philanthropic investments to partners and programs that achieve meaningful outcomes and measurable results in specific areas within each of our Funding Priorities. Grant applicants are required to select one or more outcomes and results for grants in each of our Funding Priorities. Click on a funding area below to see the list of targeted outcomes and results that are specified in the online grant application. We suggest you click here to review a complete set of guidance and examples to assist you in completing your on-line grant application.

  • Education
  • Literacy
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Healthcare and Accessibility
  • Internet Safety

Outcomes and results will be reported by the grantee on a quarterly basis. The Verizon Foundation uses this information to guide grantees in achieving stated outcomes and results, and to measure the social impact of Verizon’s philanthropic investments in its community partners and the programs it supports.