GIIP Programming and Social Justice Class

Course on programming and application design for social justice tools.

General Plan and Time-line
The goal is to plan, test and offer a course on programming for social-justice-motivated students. This course would deal with programming basics, application design, usability, testing, documentation as well as the various tools.

  • Winter 2008: Test Run
    • Offer a Socy30B section or Socy group tutorial for 6-8 students interested in basic programming or some aspect of application design and programming. This is to prepare the instructors with a test experience that will lead to a full course offering in Spring.
  • Spring 2008: 5 unit Socy Course
    • Programming for Social Justice

Principles and Concepts

  • Collaboration
  • Hacker Ethic
  • Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS)
  • Design Principles
  • Agile Methods
  • Model View Controller
  • Basic Ruby programming
  • Version Control
  • Database

Books and Readings

free software, hacker ethic

principles of design


Ideas for Projects

  • Meeting scheduler
  • Grants/Scholarship DB
  • Asset Manager / File sharer
  • Maps or other mashups?

Class Outline and Paths

Interactive tutorials


replaced with software page.




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GIIP Programming and Social Justice Class offers a unique blend of technology and advocacy, empowering students to create impactful solutions for societal issues. By bridging the gap between programming skills and social awareness, it fosters a generation of developers committed to positive change. A commendable initiative indeed Art City Tattoo