Cell Phone Independent Study Outline

Cool Cell Phone Research Topics

Cell Phones vs. Laptops

Which one is more ubiquitous? Which one has the greater capacity for social change?

Mobile Websites and Social Mobile Applications

What is the difference between a mobile website and a regular website?

IEEE Explore: Social Mobile Applications
How to Build Social Mobile Applications

Mobile Aid/Mobile Fundraising

What are the rates that companies charge? How successful is it? Where and when are the best times to target certain populations?

Mobile Finance/Banking

How does it work? Is it reliable/effective?

mobileactive: mobile financial services
Shared Phone Use and Sente

Social Activism through SMS

What are some instances where SMS proved to be a tool of social activism?

Data Collection

How does data collection work? Which organizations utilize it the best and under what circumstances?

FrontlineSMS and FrontlineSMS Forums/Network
Ushahidi: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information

Video/Audio Messaging and Data Collection

What are ways that everyday people in third world countries use their cell phones to better their lives?

A Mobile Voice: The Use of Mobile Phones in Citizen Media

Mobile Hacking and Software Development

What is it? How is it utilized within social activism?

MIT: Africa Information Technology Initiative
Google Android

GSM networks

Who has cell phone coverage? Who has the best cell phone coverage?


What is it? How does it work? What are some ways to utilize this technology?


What are the best ways to charge the cell phones? What is the longest lasting cell phone battery?


What is it? Who benefits from VoIP?


Who uses it? What does it consist of?


What is it?