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Information Technology Essentials for Community Organizing Project – Dmitry Kogan, Spring 2009

Abstract Community-led organizations (CLOs) are one of the leading proponents in advancing environmental, economic, and social justice. Their unyielding commitment to alleviate conditions in socially excluded communities attests to their disciplined pursuit for global social justice. However, due to a lack of financial resources and political leverage, CLOs face tremendous obstacles in expanding their organizational capacity and scope. Particularly, CLOs seldom reap the benefits, and lack access to essential information communication technologies which can improve productivity and efficiency. Given the idea that throwing technology at CLOs who require it would address the problem at the surface rather internally, it is important to focus on technology education as a medium in building human capital and expanding organizational capacity and scope. The Information Technology Essentials for Community Organizing Project trains an elite group of tech savvy individuals, whose skills are tailored towards improving CLOs work through ICT projects. The project is intended to be a crash course in teaching students how to become technology interns or consultants for organizers. The course is not only about learning and understanding the technologies used in the organizing world, but also trains students in how to teach technology. The curriculum focuses on Basic Technology Education, Database and Data Analysis, Outreach and Teaching. It acts as a teaching manual, as well as a hub for students and organizers to obtain vital digital resources and tools.


  1. IT Essentials for Community Organizing Project Paper
  2. Tech Essentials Teaching Handbook
  3. Tech Essentials eCourse