Recruitment Events and Dates

Events and Guidelines, Group Presentations and Tabling, Personal Presentations at Departments


Recruitment Events and Guidelines:


Group Presentations and Tabling

Personal Presentations at Departments


• Orientation Tabling
• Banana Spring Fair: Deadline: late summer
• Job/Internship Fair Orientation: Deadline July
• reserve OPERS table: contact OPERS: deadline early May
• reserve Welcome Week presentation: Contact Admissions: deadline August
• Recruit Fellows for OPERS
• Recruit Fellows for Welcome Week presentation
• Contact dept advisers for Welcome Week dept orientations: Sept 25/26th


GIIP get-together
• Welcome Week presentation
OPERS table
• attend department orientations
• mail out newsletter
• flyer on campus: post week before class, first 2 weeks of class for quarter
• attend important classes for short pitch ASAP
First Wednesday of Class (6:30 Red Room, College 8) Attend SEC Wednesday meeting, network w/ sustainables
Oct 27, Practical Activism: table
Nov (~5-9) Winter Advising Week
Nov (~13- 22) Winter Enrollment


February (~14-21) *Advising Week
• *End of February- March (~5)
Spring Enrollment


April (~28/29) : Banana Slug Spring Fair
May (~1-8): Voting & Referendum Week
May – second week: Advising Week : Get publicity materials to advisers
May – third week: Enrollment for Fall: Post half sheet materials and make class presentations

• Register for Frosh/Transfer orientations (Deadline Late May/Might accept registration past deadline)

1. Go to the orientations website

2. Call (831) 459 5468 or the number listed on the page if different from what I have written. Leave a message stating that you are from the Global Information Internship Program and would like to request a table at the freshman and transfer orientations.

3. Some one from the orientation department should call you back with a link to an on-line registration form

4. Fill it out and you should receive a confirmation e-mail from their office.

OPERS fall festival (Deadline varies should be in contact with OPERS by early May)

1. Call OPERS general office at (831) 459-2531 and ask for GIIP to reserve a space at the fall festival.

2. If the deadline has passed go down to the field early and claim tables from groups that did not show up or bring our own table and chairs. Make sure to bring lots of fliers to hand out even if we are unable to get a table.

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