[en] Natural Liberty - Rediscovering self induced abortion methods. Sage-Femme Collective

Description: Sage-femme Collective seeks to encourage discussion and educate on the dangers of restricting abortion access. We seek to provide information on the various historical methods of self-induced abortion, so the fundamental inherent right to abortion can be deeply appreciated. Natural Liberty is also a detailed and well-cited resource regarding the safest methods of self-induced abortion and focuses on providing women with the specifics regarding techniques and methods of self-induced abortion. With knowledge and education, women have shown that together we can provide safe abortion services when abortion services are restricted. Natural Liberty is a detailed resource that helps to provide the knowledge and education for women to secure safe termination of an unwanted pregnancy if the political climate does not recognize a woman's right to a safe abortion. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivs (BY-NC-ND)