The Revolution of USA Top Entrepreneur

In this post, we will discuss about the The Revolution of USA Top Entrepreneur

Mark Zuckerburg, founder, CEO and president of this top-rated Facebook social network, was recently on the cover of Fortune magazine. An article from the magazine explains the young billionaire and how he turned into a simple online program, which was initially intended to be a school catalogue into a lucrative machine. Zuckerburg’s success story has several similarities to Bill Gates fame. Both are former students of Harvard University in Boston and both specialized in computer science. Like Gates, Zuckerburg also dropped out of school before graduating to continue his passion for programming. Perhaps the similarity that these guys, two very wealthy people in the industry produce, is their brilliance when it comes to their ability to use this knowledge in their company.

Ever since I took my position at the Redmond Town Center Theater, I remembered Bill. Earlier, he was a hero who emerged from this dust and defeated the era with his computer. Do you need an MBA to become an entrepreneur? Would you have to be incredibly brilliant to lead to a revolution? Do you need a rich daddy to get another Olympic gold? Or maybe it’s just something completely different. Something straightforward.

When the questions rose and conveyed my thoughts, only one feature stood out. Fire, the notion of being pumped and persistence at work through all chances. Inspiration. Inspiration. Inspiration. I couldn’t say that word! After last night I watched his interviews and realized that he was an average uncomfortable child in front of the cameras.

He was not wearing an energy suit and was not eloquent when talking about corporate mumbo-jumbo. In the present world, we, 20 years old, are caught up in this rat race to achieve the so-called “winning” … to become the second “important person” in the “important undertaking”, and this is strange. The person who decided to do the best. He wired himself, giving the world the entire social network. He also brought his brilliant match. Clean, tidy and secure. Just like the Facebook page itself. When I move from Bill Gates, when my millionaire idol to Mark, the billionaire whiz, something inside has changed! You also here about bill gates daughter phoebe adele gates? She is young and born to become entrepreneur.

Today, Facebook is potentially the most popular social networking site on Earth. With 175 million consumers around the world, it’s even more effective than other websites like Friendster and MySpace. Facebook was undoubtedly not the first of its kind, but they could build on the success of their predecessors, having the opportunity to come up with a website that could win the competition. Perhaps Facebook’s main advantage is the ability to include third-party software on their site. For example, Facebook has a program that allows its members to play Texas Hold’Em Poker, one of the most popular card games currently on the website itself. Fluff Friends is also another popular program on the site that allows users to create and manage virtual animals. These pets can be understood by member buddies and can socialize with a fascinating subject. These are just a few examples of a few Facebook programs that are very addictive. This gives Facebook users reasons to stay on the site more than on other social networks, where they limit themselves to viewing photos and profiles of their friends.