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Cenforce (sildenafil), a generically produced and therefore more economically available version of sildenafil (Viagra), is an oral drug used for the symptomatical management of erectile disability. Cenforce is taken in anticipation of sexual intercourse; its effects last for 4 hours following the drug intake. The doses of sildenafil in the preparation range from Cenforce 50mg to Cenforce 150mg, with Cenforce 100mg being a median dose with optimal ratio of health benefits and adverse reactions. In contrast, Cenforce 150mg reviews give grounds to assume that the increase in sildenafil dose is only beneficial if the lower doses do not yield the desired effect.

In any case, when dysfunction is detected, good means of increasing potency will not harm health, but, on the contrary, will increase sexual activity. These days they come in the form of: capsules, pills, jelly. Drugs likes cenforce 200 are prescription, and need additional consultation with your doctor.