This is tan Open source health & Open Data statement

_"We can transform the meaning of the word “cure”. We can transform the role of knowledge. We can be human." _
Salvatore Iaconesi

Medical language needs to be translated, adapted to our bodies and experiences, not statistics or protocols. Have to be comprehensible and close. We need to know and understand, that information should be public, readable, translated and open. Clinical protocols, standards of diagnosis, info-graphics. Should be available.

When we reach to understand, why this or that analysis or test, what they involve (time, side effects, technologies) to be complete informed about treatments medicines that are involved, alternatives to them, not only “you must” prescriptions, or a personal moral statement of the doctor. Only like this, consent invasive treatments, risky procedures, devastating consequences or even prohibited economic bills, will be OUR consent.

Technologies should be close and easiest, updated and challenging (condoms changing colours v/s laboratory expensive diagnosis, male-contraception investigation v/s woman being bombarded with hormones, pelvic floor empowerment v/s massive incontinence surgeries, vasectomy choices v/s abortion non choices) Medical memory has to be reset critically, the “fathers” of OB/GYN should be showed in context, not like heroes or saints. We will not honour the macabre heritage of them, we will be critically using what they left but never forgetting or sharing how they get a place in medical history.

We will honour our lost: witches healers, unknown bodies. Is an urge to talk about them and the value that they sadly gave to science.

If waiting rooms are getting emptier, what a doctor will feel? I imagine that for me will be happiness to see that people is not getting sick for example. But if is cause people don’t feel comfortable in a body-office. Maybe something has to change.

If health systems prefer to stay as they are, and look like some sort of vatican inquisition. We will be the new heresy. If they refuse to change, approach, improve, heal! We are going to change it anyway. WE ARE DOING IT.


Muchas gracias, me encanta compartir esto chauves souris