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el self-help y el movimiento sanitario de las mujeres no son soluciones personales para problemas femeninos individuales, aunque éstas fueran, por sí solas, razones válidas para su existencia: son instrumento para inducir al pensamiento y a la acción colectivos de las que pueda brotar un cambio social radical” (Taboada 1978, p.20 en Ferreira, 2008).

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Manual introductorio a self help de Leonor Taboada

How To Do A Cervical Self Exam

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extracto de Introducción al self-help leonor taobada

Breast and Pelvic Gynecological (GYN) Examination

Using a multimethod approach to develop implementation strategies for a cervical self-sampling program in Kenya

Self-collected > swabs, specimens, kits

How to Self-collected lower vaginal swabs
Clinical Procedures Manual
Remote Primary Health Care (PHC) Manuals

Accuracy of a self-collection kit for the microbiological study of the vaginal content (2007)

Acceptability of STI Testing Using Self-collected Vaginal Swabs Among College Women (2013)

Acceptability of self-collected human papillomavirus specimens in cervical cancer screening: A review (2014)

Obtaining Self-Samples to Diagnose Curable Sexually Transmitted Infections: A Systematic Review of Patients’ Experiences (2015)

Acceptability of Human Papillomavirus Self-Test Devices among Women from High-Risk Populations (2017)

Sef-sample devces

HPV testing on self-collected cervico-vaginal material: a new way of woman-friendly cervical screening
AuthorGok, M.


XytoTest is a self-sampling kit of cervical specimens for the analysis of DNA of the 14 high-risk strains of HPV. Our medical device is compressed of a hollow sheath made of special resin, which meets US FDA 21 CFR 181.32 requirements. The device has less than 8 millimeters in diameter. The cell collector is made of USP medical grade IV elastomer fully tested to guarantee no skin and mucous membrane irritation (ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10) and excellent adhesion properties to secure the self-collection of enough quality and quantity of cervical specimens for testing.

2014 inicia compañia mel-montmedical / aun no a la venta

Mel-Mont Medical (MMM) and BioMed are a Colombian-Spanish strategic alliance created in 2014 with the main purpose of developing and implementing comprehensive health-care programs using proprietary medical devices. Said health programs are directed to the vulnerable, female population located in rural areas of developing countries around the globe, where traditional health-care systems are difficult and complex to implement.

Mel-Mont Medical develops educational and self-sampling campaigns to reduce the spread of HPV infections. Also it provides information and education about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) as a precursor of Cervical Cancer within the female population sexually active.

Mía by XytoTest

es un Sistema Diagnóstico preventivo integral el cual incluye un dispositivo médico que permite a cualquier mujer realizar una autorecolección de células Cervico-Vaginales en cualquier entorno sin asistencia de personal calificado, para posteriormente ser analizados mediante un sistema de reacción en cadena de la polimerasa en tiempo real para identificación del ADN del VPH-AR.* Igualmente utiliza la misma muestra recolectada por la paciente para un análisis de proteínas que pueden demostrar progresiones a lesiones de alto grado (CIN II+)

Mía by XytoTest es un kit para la autotoma de muestras cervicales para el análisis de ADN de los 14 genotipos de alto riesgo del VPH. Nuestro dispositivo médico está compuesto de un cuerpo cilíndrico hecho de una resina especial, la cual cumple con los requerimientos del US FDA 21 CFR 181.32. El dispositivo tiene un diámetro inferior a 8 milímetros. El área de recolección de células está hecha de un elastómero de grado médico IV USP totalmente probado para garantizar que no ocasiona irritación ni en la piel ni en las membranas de la mucosa vaginal (ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10). Su excelente propiedad aditiva garantiza la auto recolección de la suficiente cantidad y calidad de células cervicales para su análisis.


es un dispositivo médico para recoger células del cuello uterino. Se emplea a modo de tampón vaginal y una vez utilizado se remite a un laboratorio de análisis. Profesionales médicos analizarán la muestra e informarán a la mujer si es portadora o no del virus del papiloma humano. Ser portadora no indica que tengas una lesión pero sí la necesidad de ser tratada por un profesional ginecólogo

Una unidad de IUNE HPV TEST incluye:
Un envase Peel-Pack estéril
Dispositivo HPV-Test
Instrucciones de uso
Envase destinado para el envío al laboratorio

Todo lo que necesitas saber…
Envase estéril con código de referencia único.
Dispositivo toma muestra.
Instrucciones de uso.
Envase para envío al laboratorio

Podrás consultar en la web los resultados.
Toda la información es totalmente confidencial.

Envío y recogida gratuito.
Entrega por Nacex en un periodo de 2/3 días.
Recogida de la muestra por Nacex.
Empaquetado sin identificación del contenido.

iuna > Palma, Illes Balears
Fabricante: QUIROSA, S.A.
(Barcelona) SPAIN

a la venta 78€
IUNE HPV TEST 78€ (IVA incluído)


es un kit de autotoma de muestras y análisis de ADN que detecta las cepas de alto riesgo del VPH. El kit se envía a tu domicilio, para que lo utilices cuando te sea más cómodo, luego nos lo envías al laboratorio y al poco recibes los resultados en tu propia casa.
Test para el estudio de las infecciones cervicales causadas por VPH (Papilomavirus)

a la venta 89,00€
Ponferrada, España


offers unprecedented Accessibility, Availability and Affordability in the long awaited screening solution for the cervical cancer, HPV, STI and STD crisis afflicting the women of the world today.
A self‐administered cervical cell collection system designed for use by women in the privacy of their homes. The SelfPap™ Test Kit empowers women to manage their own HPV and Pap tests, STD screening, and a myriad of other tests in complete privacy, at their own convenience and discretion.

The SelfPap™ cervical cell collection system sample allows pathology testing for a myriad of conditions including but not limited to:
Cervical Cancer, abnormal cervical cells

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HerSwab Device

Eve Kit is simple and intuitive for women to use on their own, while collecting high quality samples for molecular diagnostic testing.
Eve Kit uses the HerSwab™ collection device. The HerSwab™ device was designed specifically with usability, confidence and repeatability in mind. Key design features include an ergonomic handle, colour indicated parts, a familiar aesthetic, and “automatic” collection from close to the cervix.
HerSwab™ has been tested in over 5000 women, in a number of clinical studies around the world. For highlights, see the Clinical Evidence section.
HerSwab™ is a class 2 medical device approved by Health Canada, as is Eve Kit (MDL license 94847). Eve Medical is an accredited ISO13485 medical device manufacturer.

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Delphi Screener
The Delphi Screener is a device to collect a vaginal sample for testing on vaginal and cervical health. Unlike other self-sampling devices, the Delphi Screener fits the anatomy of the vagina, with no risk of breakage. Because the insertion part has a round and smooth top and a lavage principle instead of scraping is used it is easy and painless and is not expected to cause micro-lesions in the vagina.
The unique lavage method of the Delphi Screener ensures a sample of high quality for testing in the laboratory. Women can take a vaginal sample themselves in private as well as doctors in the clinic.

What is the liquid inside the Screener made of?
The lavage liquid is sterile, water-based saline (physiological salt solution). It is body-friendly and widely used in the medical world, like the solution as often found in eye drops.
VIP: $144.00
Member: $180.00


GynaeCheck tests for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which is responsible for practically all cervical cancers and uses state of the art technology to test for the most important HPV types that cause cervical cancer.
GynaeCheck is a kit allowing women to take their own smear test sample
Read more:

a la venta £95

is a cell collection device that allows a woman to easily undertake her own HPV & PAP smear in the privacy of her home. A woman can perform the Paptest procedure in less than ten minutes. The key to the SoloPap™ ease of use is that the traditional speculum has been replaced with a patented cylinder. As a result of its streamlined design, the SoloPap™ speculum can be easily inserted without any physician assistance. The patented design allows for a smooth, non-traumatic entry thereby making the cell collection simple, comfortable, and easy to perform. The guide head automatically positions the cervix, allowing the collection brush to retrieve the cell samples. SoloPap™ empowers us, as women, to take control of our health, our way, on our own time, with discretion and comfort in the privacy of our own homes. It’s time to take control of our own health, it’s time for SoloPap!
Optional lab costs are the fees charged by the independent lab to process your collected sample, at present these fees are not currently covered by Medicare

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Solopap Test Kit – Now $30
HPV & LBC Screening Lab Cost – $90 – OPTIONAL. Lab costs are the fees charged by the independent lab to process your collected sample, at present these fees are not currently covered by Medicare

The iPap™

OncoGenesis has developed a next generation cervical sample collector for personal use. Personal Cervical Sample Collector is designed for self collection by women, whether in developing world markets or as a take home test from the corner drugstore. Can be used for collection of various samples from cervical cells to STD’s.

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Cervisafe (singapore)

is a self-sampling device to collect cervical cells. With this single use device it only takes 5 minutes to collect your samples. Best of all, cervical cells sampling can be done within the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Easy self sampling
We Are Perspective Singapore assisted Cervisafe in design, development and industrialization of this great product.
We Are Perspective
We are a product design consultancy and hardware incubator with offices in Singapore and The Netherlands.
We help Startups, SMEs, and MNCs with their product strategy, industrial design, engineering and industrialisation.

Cervisafe (malasia)

is a Malaysian innovative product that help to promote awareness among society on cervical cancer and the importance of early detection of HPV – Human Papilloma Virus. The Cervisafe Package includes 1. One sample collecting device 2. Vial with solution (to be send to lab) 3. Lab test report for HPV DNA and LBC Pap Test. For further inquiries, please contact us at:

HPV self-sampling (hong kong)

HPV self-sampling is an alternative screening tool for cervical cancer. It enables women to take a self-collected cervico-vaginal sample at home for HPV testing.


Qvintip Self-Sampling HPV/Cervical Cancer Test – by Aprovix of Sweden
Capital Business Pakistan has introduced the Qvintip self-sampling test for screening the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which is the main cause of Cervical Cancer.
Qvintip will soon be available from Gynaecologists, clinics, hospitals and laboratories and womb will be able to perform the test in the privacy of their homes or, if they chose to do so, under the supervision/by a doctor or nurse at a clinic or hospital.


enables easy and convenient sample collection for DNA test of HPV screening (for cervical cancer) and
various STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections). It relieves patients from the burden of visiting clinics for vaginal
examination as in the traditional sampling process and also ensures preservation of collected sample during
transportation and analysis.
Sample collection can be done at-home through simple steps. It’s safe and keeps privacy. Wear it as ordinary pad. Separate the filter from the pad
after 8-10 hours and insert it into the provided preservative vial. Send it over to hour laboratory as indicated.
Fast and accurate HPV / STI DNA test results will be sent to you within a few days.

Onko Solutions

We have developed a low-cost, portable, minimally invasive solution that easily fits into a technician’s hand. Furthermore, our device allows the test to be administered by a nurse, medical technologist, or itinerant semi-skilled medical personnel producing instant results even on unusual conditions.
With a sensitivity greater than 85% this low-cost test that requires no lab work is a significant advance in women’s healthcare.

TruScreen is a new technology used to detect pre-cancerous change, or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), by optical and electrical measurements of cervical tissue.
TruScreen is an objective, self-checking digital system that can be used with minimal training, and without the infrastructure and resource costs associated with cytology-based screening.
As well as high accuracy, TruScreen provides an instant report and a more humane approach to women than a Pap test because no cervical tissue needs to be taken during the test.

Innovation: Portable medical device to detect and prevent cervical cancer in women.
Description: Onko Solutions has developed a portable medical device to detect and prevent cervical cancer in women. Unlike Pap test, the test of the human papilloma virus or biopsies, our medical device does not require a tissue sample or laboratory analysis.
Our device combines multiple technologies that make the best use of intelligent systems based on neural networks and support vector machine, including simplified optical spectroscopy and bioimpedance, which is increasingly becoming an important area in regard to the prevention and the diagnosis of cancer.
Our technology is superior to the traditional cytology as it provides immediate results and allows the inclusion of artificial intelligence to collect, disseminate and display the results in the review of cancer cells in vivo. The device allows the patient to examine noninvasively and get instant results, eliminating pain in the patient and work consuming and costly laboratory.
Benefits of our technology
• Our technology is accurate and secure.
• Unlike current technologies, our technology produces immediate results.
• The intelligent system is based on neural networks and support vector machine.
• The test is noninvasive.
• No need for a specialist to interpret the results.
• Cutting-edge technology: combines biophotonics and electrical impedance spectroscopy.
• It offers higher levels of sensitivity and specificity.
• Immediate feedback to the patient and operator
• Easy to use
• High level of performance
• High level of cervical screening
• consistent and accurate results
• There is no pain or discomfort to the patient
• If necessary, the patient can be treated like the first visit.
• No cytologists and medical personnel need highly trained
• Suitable for remote areas and developing countries
• Cost savings to the health system
Profit, Social Impact: Every two minutes a woman dies in the world due to cervical cancer, even if it is very easy to prevent and even cure. The reason for this high mortality rate is that many women do not have access to cervical inspection methods, because the current technology requires complex and expensive laboratories and highly specialized doctors.
Our device breaks with these paradigms. The size, portability and
ease of use allows the test to be administered by a nurse, medical technician or semi-skilled medical personnel, providing immediate results, even in unusual conditions and remote marginalized populations.
Further testing is using our inexpensive device does not require laboratory work and has a sensitivity greater than 85%, resulting in a breakthrough in women’s health.
Important dates
The first patent for our device was obtained in 2005, while Onko Solutions was established in 2014.


Test analitico vaginal de infecciones.
Test de analisis vaginal para descartar infecciones por bacterias, hongos, parásitos

Camera Vibrator > Siime

Siime Eye has a built-in micro camera and a hidden searchlight which can be connected to mobile phone via a wireless WIFI, The camera not only allows you know the subtle changes inside of your private areas. You can also record and share the wonderful sex adventure to your partner via pictures or videos.


Home Pap test kit
The home Pap test kit enables women to take a cervical Pap test by themselves and in the privacy of their home. It was developed because of a personal dislike of the screening process and the realisation that a great many other women feel the same way.
There is a high noncompliance rate in Pap smear testing for many and varied reasons. With clear instructions, this device is easy to use and should be as accurate and reliable as smears taken by a nurse.
For those women for whom visiting a clinic is either inconvenient, distressing or embarrassing, it will allow regular screening and thereby increase the chances of early detection of cervical cancer.
Client: personal project.
" this website has not been updated since early 2013."

Self Smear Test Kit
Self Smear Test Kit has been designed to help women in developing countries to have easy access to routine tests to detect cervical cancer as early as possible. According to recent research, cervical cancer is the number 5 of common cancer in women worldwide with around 470,000 new cases diagnosed every year. This test kit is a special screening test to control the cervix for both infections and cancer/pre-cancer situations; early diagnosis can increase the chance to cure this disease.
Self Smear Test Kit allows user to perform smear test at home, it’s economical and hygienic product that provides 6 caps which are enough for a 3-year period of testing, once in 6-month. Using this test kit, user can obtain tissue from the opening uterus without damaging any tissues in vaginal area.
Designer : Hakan Gürsu
Self Smear Test Kit to Perform Smear Test at Home by Hakan Gursu

Year: 2008
Awards: SEIS International Medical Device Contest 2010 (2nd Prize)
A’ Design Award 2012 – Medical Design (Golden Award)

Speculum-Free devices

Design and preliminary analysis of a vaginal inserter for speculum-free cervical cancer screening

EVA (Enhanced Visual Assessment) Colposcope

System nternet-connected mobile colposcope.
MobileODT’s technology is a game-changing solution to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer by expanding expert-level screening capabilities to health providers in any setting.
MobileODT diagnoses cervical cancer with a smartphone and a 3D printed case

TruScreen’s real time technology has been found to be twice as sensitive as the Pap test and significantly more sensitive than HPV DNA testing at defining high grade cervical lesions in a real world setting.
ruScreen utilises technology to detect pre-cancerous change, or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), by optical and electrical measurements of cervical tissue.
ruScreen offers a new approach to cervical screening, resolving many of the ongoing issues with Pap tests including failed samples, poor patient follow up, patient discomfort and the need for supporting laboratory infrastructure.
As well as being highly accurate, the TruScreen system provides an instant report, thus preventing the risk of losing contact with the patient because of the delay associated with transportation of samples to laboratories for analysis and reporting.
TruScreen is an objective, self-checking digital system that can be used with minimal training of medical or paramedical staff, and without the infrastructure and resource costs associated with cytology-based screening.
TruScreen is also more acceptable to women than a Pap test because no cervical tissue needs to be taken during the test, meaning no or minimal discomfort, and real time results are provided.

Biop Medical is developing a state of the art medical device, capable of monitoring the uterine cervix tissue, using advanced and high-resolution optics. This novel device is intended to assist gynecologists in early diagnosis of pre-cancerous and cancer cells in real time.​ Our innovative, low-cost and small sized revolutionary product will provide clear and critical advantages over current diagnostic technologies.

Biop Medical’s device, due out in 2017, optically scans the cervix for early signs of cancer, analyzes the images and indicates where to perform a biopsy.
The Israeli company Biop Medical is designing and testing a better alternative: a state-of-the-art colposcope, the instrument used to check women for gynecological disease. Colposcopy is usually performed after a positive Pap smear, and if it detects suspicious cells the woman must schedule a biopsy.

Biop’s device does everything in one visit. It optically scans the inner layers of the cervix for early signs of cancer, analyzes the images instantly and indicates where to perform a biopsy if necessary.

Pocket Colposcope

Duke Team Reaches Milestone with Portable Cervical Cancer Screening Device Pocket Colposcope
After four generations of development, the team has created a beta prototype of the Pocket Colposcope in collaboration with product design and development company 3rd Stone Design, Inc.

The Pocket Colposcope is significantly less expensive, smaller and lighter than a traditional clinical colposcope. Weighing less than two pounds, it fits inside a pocket (hence the name). The device enables healthcare providers to zoom and capture images by pressing a button with their thumb. Images taken with the Pocket Colposcope are transmitted instantly to a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
The tablet displays an image of a plastic cervix model.​

Afterwards, the device can be sterilized by immersion in bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

“What’s unique about this design compared to traditional and redesigned, low-cost colposcopes on the market is that it reimagines the way a gynecological exam is performed,” said Ramanujam. Rather than visualizing the cervix from outside the speculum (the instrument that separates the vaginal walls during cervical exams), as other colposcopes do, the Pocket Colposcope can be used inside a speculum or even without a speculum.

Traditional colposcopes have a camera and light source and a binocular viewing system to examine the cervix. Thus the colposcope is external to the cervix. The Pocket colposcope does not have a viewing system, but rather has a consumer grade light source and camera at the tip, that when inserted can provide a live video or image of the cervix on a laptop or tablet. The ability to insert the colposcope through a speculum enables a close-up view of the cervix (three centimeters rather than 30 centimeters away from the cervix), alleviating the need for high-end optics and high-resolution cameras, which make traditional colposcopes expensive.

The team’s work hasn’t ended at the colposcope. Using a human-centered design process—an approach driven by the needs identified by individuals who will be using the product—they’ve developed a more woman-centric replacement for a traditional speculum. Traditional speculums can be uncomfortable, and women’s aversion to them can be a barrier to seeking care, so a more comfortable instrument could increase screening uptake. The device is currently in clinical testing; in a volunteer study, it was strongly preferred over the speculum.

Pocket Colposcope: Increased Distribution and Adoption (2017-2018)

Speculum-Free Inserter

The speculum-free inserter next to a penny, shown for scale.
The team is also developing a low-cost cervical cancer treatment that delivers gelatinous ethanol to the lesion site. This method does not need electricity or hard-to-obtain products that are required for traditional treatment approaches.
“Many people in low-resource settings don’t have access to cervical cancer treatment,” said Ramanujam, “so we can’t just develop screening technologies. We have to think through the entire process and see what we can do to make screening and treatment options available.”

Development of a Self-Pap Smear Device for Cervical Cancer Screening

con speculum


a revolutionary colposcope with unmatched optical and video capabilities combined with a working space for interventional procedures
Illumigyn, a privately-held early stage company, has extended existing “Machine Vision” technologies from sophisticated manufacturing and military visual inspection applications into a state-of-the-art, compact imaging colposcope for medical applications in order to eliminate the inherent subjectivity of cervical exams.