Plans for world domination

1) Provide administrative IT support/service to NUSA:
– Server/Website maintenance
– Set up company shared as a better network drive with individual user access so it can be accessed from home too.
– Mailing Lists
– Photocopier/Printer
– Create/Upkeep manuals on how to maintain all HakLab services
– Doing IT Requests (i reckon we have a pigeon whole for this as if its by email we wont know who has done it or not unless we make it a server thing and it gets ticked off when someone does it, or both)
NUSA Labs? a space on the nusa site for new projects that are being developed with collaborative tools like wiki’s and stuff?

2) Provide IT services to our collectives & C&S:
– Mailing Lists
– Photocopying/Printing
– Web Space (either by template or self design)
– Forums (much better ones then we have now)

3) Provide IT services to our Members:
– Computer Access (Ubuntu & Opensource)
– Photocopying/Printing/Scanning/Fax (Maybe we could use one of the old machines and do it @ a cost)
– Old Computer Fixing/Trading

4) HakLab Research & Activism:
– That Activism stuff you said
– Create a Research project each year and maybe try and get some sort of grant for it (maybe this could allow us to pay people to upkeep the system too)
– Computer Skills Workshops
– be that hackerspace thingy in Newcastle
– there’s a wiki just been setup by the Perth hacklab crew to try and get some nationwide discussion going at so jump on and setup an account if your interested.