2011-09-01 meeting agenda

Hackmeet planning meeting agenda.
  • printing posters and tshirts (stickers should arrive in ~2 weeks)
  • slot any more session proposals into the schedule
  • sound amplification
  • video streaming/archiving
  • staffing a welcome/info table
  • food, beverages
  • who can arrive early for noisebridge venue setup?
  • Start callout for people to come

1. we need tshirts. Janky, order them
2. Mark, Put the sessions on the top tabs
3. DJ? party? Station 40? Saturday party, sunday bar. (Frenzy, talk to cindy, Mark find a bar)
3. projectors won’t work too well at NB, get the tv working for the front space.
4. did a lot of session work. (Mark and Frenzy)
5. ask miloh about sound system, (Frenzy)
6. We can do video streaming, details later (Mark)
7. Welcome Table (email ruben and other people, hour long shifts)
8. Contact Tastebridge/FNB about doing lunch. (Frenzy)
9. Email callout to Noisebridge etc. (mark)