Born Beautiful

It was a game. I played the na? young teen with Vida all the while trying to seduce him with my body. Naturally my mother was there, I was a minor after all. He would ask me to step into the dressing room and change into shorts and a blouse. I would come out with the blouse clutched against my naked torso, just covering my nipples but allowing him to see how full and developed my breasts were from the side. I would act coy and ask “is this the right shirt?”
I knew when I struck a cord when he would cough and give a nervous glance to my mother. Vida was a man of 34. He was fit and his fame and confidence, made him more attractive than he was. He took hours of pictures of me. I seduced him with my eyes. Vida would tell me many years later that the look I gave him back then were as if I was " the most experienced whore in the world." I think that was the greatest compliment you can give a virgin.
The next day we went back to the studio, Vida and Mr. Cline was there. He shook my hand and offered a peck on the cheek to my mother. “Call me Kelvin.” He smiled and I could see him glancing about my body. When we looked at the photos sprawled on the large glass table, I stood right up against him, reaching across his body for a photograph, making sure my breast was firm against his arm. Occasionally, I would rub against him, squealing in delight when he said something nice about a picture. I could see through the glass table that his penis was stirring. I had a pretty good understanding on what this man liked.
Over the next two days, we all had dinner and discussed the photos. Kelvin would fatherly give me advice, which always seemed to entail a caress or hug. I pretended to not only act unaware, but to enjoy teasing him with my “unintentional” rubbing. To his credit, it never went any further than that. I am sure to this day he still masturbates thinking about how he would have deflowered me. But he was too successful and astute of a businessman to fall into that. Perhaps he just used his imagination or perhaps when he was off in one of those third world countries checking on his factories, he would find himself a young girl and pretend it was me.
Needless to tell you all, I was signed. You’ve seen my ads from billboards to magazines. They created quite a controversy with that ad, all of the religious uproar made millions in sales. The ad featured a really sexy side shot of me. The photo of me stopped just above my ass crack, my arms clutching the blouse against my breast with the slogan “If I can’t wear KC, why wear anything?”