HOAB Intro

Introduction to Hackers On A Boat

Hackers On A Boat is a group of hackers that has multiday sailing trips after big hacker events.

If you want to join the boat, you can create an account on we.riseup.net and request access to the hoab group.

You can also find some of us on irc: https://chat.indymedia.org/ channel #boot

Some concepts from the past trips:

  • We rent a boat with minimal crew, so you don’t need sailing experience’ but you will need to work
  • We cook our own food, taking each others dietary requirements into account, so often vegetarian
  • We share the cost of the boat and the food, There is no profit and no margins to keep the costs low for everyone
  • We’ve sailed seas, visited islands, like to have fun, hack bits, but certainly have a focus on sailing
  • Assuming good faith, being excellent, understanding have been very common/normal values in the group

If you happened onto this page by accident, you probably want to talk to someone who has been on a boat before, before inviting yourself. We’re certainly open to new people though.

The next boat will happen after CCC Camp 2019: we.riseup.net/hoab/hoab2019-info (you need a crabgrass account and request group-access before page is visible)

Summary info for 2019

Boat: Ide-Min (26 bed, ca 190,- p.p. when fully booked)
Location: Rostock: openstreetmap.org/node/1684321651
Depart: 2019-08-26 (Rostock)
Return: 2019-09-01 (Rostock)