Acquaintance is nothing list crawler sexy girls but a skill. And any skill can be worked out to automatism. The more communications you make with the female gender, the easier it will be.

All that distinguishes a guy who knows how to get to know girls well from a guy who doesn’t know how to do this is the amount of hassle. Naturally, stupidly bombing approaches is not necessary. This must be done with the head and with an understanding of what and how you are doing.

This is the most effective way. Having mastered it, you will cease to depend on circumstances. Situations are completely different. And this is what unites you with the girl.

Do you want to communicate with a girl in the same language? Do you want to understand her? Do you want to conquer her?

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Lesson 1: Reasons why you have difficulty with a girl;
Lesson 2: Thinking a successful man;
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from which you will learn:

1. The causes of their problems with the girl;
2. Limiting beliefs that prevent her from subduing;
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