Stay Involved!

How to continue participating in Indymedia after the event

Indymedia relies on it’s volunteers to stay alive in a world of corporate and commercial interests feeding us our news. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in the indymedia project, provided they agree to our Principles of Unity.

We hope that by being the media at this event, you will want to continue to be part of the project, whether it be the occasional upload of news from your community, to a more hands on role in a collective in your area.

You can find a full rundown of the mailing lists of IMC’s around the world by going to

If there is an IMC near you, why not join the mailing list, introduce yourself and see if there’s a meeting you could get to?

If there isn’t an existing IMC near you, but you’d like to help make one happen, there is loads of useful information as to how to do this at

The network thrives on it’s diversity, and having more and more IMC’s spring up in all of the far flung regions of the world will ensure we continue to give a voice free from commercial restraints for many years to come.

Welcome to the global Indymedia community.