Upload Video/Audio

How to upload a video/audio to the site

Video and Audio can be published to the site by first clicking the button, then selecting “Publish a Video”

The first things to do are fill in the information about the video and author in the top boxes. Note, the title and author are required fields and you will not be able to upload without filling them in. Optionally, you can put in your email address if you would like people to contact you and tell you how great your video is, and add a tag to say where it was taken so people can easily search for it. If you are a member of a group on the site, you can tick the box that will make it editable by all members of that group, as well as appearing on your group page.

Then you can select the video you would like to publish using the browse button next to the “File” box (take note of the allowed video types written there)

The text you write into the “Body” box should give a short description of the videos content, and some background information with who/what/where/when/why in the same way as for an article. Both a file and a description are required before you will be able to publish your video.

When you click upload, be patient as it can take a long time before you get confirmation that it has worked, especially with very large files. Make sure you don’t press “stop” or “refresh” on your browsers navigation bar during this time or it won’t work. You will get a confirmation at the top of the page when it has uploaded, and your video will be available to download as a torrent as well as being available to view online in it’s own on-screen player automatically.


Once your film has uploaded, you will see a confirmation message at the top of the website. As soon as it’s ready, you can download it as a torrent and watch it online in its own player. geometry dash