Why are we here?

Why we are at this particular event (eg COP15), what we hope to cover, how we hope to do it. Also here mention Climate IMC and give a link tothe publish instructions for that site.

Indymedia has a long and proud tradition of mobilising its network of contributing media activists for important political, social and cultural events around the world. We provide a platform that is free of commercial interests so that an independent voice can be heard above the noise of the mainstream media. This event is arguably the most important the world has ever seen, and so thousands of people from around the world have given countless hours to enable people like yourself to report the truth as they see it around them.

IMC Denmark has teamed up with Climate IMC and other media activists to cover the COP15 UN climate conference in Copenhagen Dec 7-18. Stories from the streets and corridors of Copenhagen should be posted to Indymedia Denmark, all other climate stories can be published on Climate IMC. See Cop15 Mobilisation Info feature. If you publish elsewhere, tag #cop15imc

This guide covers publishing your news to Denmark indymedia at:


The address for Climate IMC is


And further instructions for how to post your news here is available on the site.


Media activists from around the world, including IMC Denmark, Climate IMC, and others, will be covering the UN climate summit in Copenhagen from December 7th to the 18th. gorilla tag