DRAFT: Communication strategy

A short document to explain how we will use our different communication platforms in future.

This is the development site for the Hyperactive reporting and community system. You can view the current development site at hyperactive.escapegoat.org

Hyperactive is published under the GNU Affero General Public License

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Have a question or need some help with hyperactive? Check out our Help Pages or get in touch on our email list. You can also check the forum.

If you want to propose a new feature, or have an idea what the site should do, join the discussion on our forum. You can register for the forum here.

Getting Involved

It’s easy to download the code and get hacking on it. To grab the code and set up your development environment, see [GetHyperActive].

We are using the Redmine project management system to track feature requests and bug reports. Redmine allows the developers to keep an eye on what work has been done and what needs to be done next. Create an account on this system tojoin the development team in tackling the latest features.

Feature Requests and Bugs

If you have ideas for features, please fill out a new feature request. You can use the same form for reporting bugs.

The current list of proposed features and reported bugs is here.

Getting in touch

IRC: If you’d like to talk to the developers, you can often find us on irc://irc.indymedia.org channel #hyperactive. If you don’t have an irc client handy, you can talk to us using an in-browser java applet.

Mailing list: There is also a mailing list for the project here.

Crabgrass: We also have a crabgrass group, this is where collectives using our CMS can share some discussions.


Nice one marker!

When we were talking about what non-geeks want to use for proposing features, crabgrass wan’t really mentioned, but email or forums (already exist on redmine, but not yet used) were favoured. Maybe it would make sense to split the text up into “for developers: …” and “for users:…” with direct links to the relevant bits (e.g. a direct link to the not yet existing “propose a feature” forum for users, instead of a link to the project page)?

Maybe also add a bit about crabgrass for networking of the collectives using hyperactive and the wikis etc on the project page for documentation of the project?


I’ve added a few titles, the IRC channel and made this page public. I’d support mara’s idea about splitting it into “for developers” and “for users”, might have a crack at that later.


Thanks folks. I had a try at making separate sections for users and developers but I was concerned that it came over like a diadic power-structure, which I thought was bad so I gave up. If someone else wants to have a go, please do :)

Regarding forums, I remember that people said they wanted forums instead of crabgrass on Saturday, but when we came back to the discussion on Sunday we decided to keep Crabgrass. I can’t see why we’d want both – the crabgrass wikis with comments on are quite like a forum anyhow.

I might have mis-remembered some of this, did anyone take minutes?


On changing that decision whether to use crabgrass or a the forums, I’d like to note that we didn’t say NOT to use the forums on Sunday, also Sunday was only geeks and not some of the other people who had opted for forums. Also crabgrass is a lot more confusing and less straight forward to random people than posting something in a forum. So I would like to keep that and just see if people start using it.


Thanks mara. I guess if we’re going to have both, we need to say what should go in the forums and what should go in crabrass. How do you think we should explain that in this text?


I’ll see if I find the time to take a crack at it later. Tbh, I wouldn’t really say anything about crabgrass, besides we’re there and you can find us. For me it’s more another way of being in touch than a platform for communication of hyperactive development stuff i guess. Maybe something like communication between the collectives using hyperactive, rather than hyperactive devolpment? that makes sense to me as we’re all using cg for our collectives and it’s easy to share pages between groups etc..


ok, I took a crack at it. I did quite a bit of editing, and kept it closer to the current version (see projects.escapegoat.org/projects/hypera...

Mostly adding in the additional info that marker collected in the getting involved part and creating the let us know what you think bit for users.

Still thing we need some place for working on user help pages, I’ll write up an email about this.


Good stuff. I’ve made a proposal on the mailing list that we use the wiki for writing help documents – if people agree with this then I guess the next thing would be to write a “Help Contents” page, which could be linked prominently from this overview. That way, anyone looking for help could navigate the pages, but the pages could also be reached by direct links from the regional indymedia sites. I’ll try to set this up on the project site to show how the structure would work.


I’ve updated the overview with what we have so far, we can update it as we go along I guess, if anything changes. projects.escapegoat.org/projects/hypera...


this looks good enough to go to the features pages on the group’s main page.
thanks mara & all.